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Defectology Belgrade

Useful information

LogoMed is a center for early development of speech and language where we provide the services of speech therapy diagnostics and treatment, stimulating speech-language development, counseling work with parents and workshops in creative communications.

Our team consists of :
Med. sci. Maja Prohic – graduated defectologist, speech therapist
Med. sci. Milena Lazic – graduated defectologist, speech therapist
Danica Mladenovic – graduated psychologist

In addition to our speech therapists who have years of experience and excellent results in practical work and who continuously on their skills and knowledge and our psychologists who have significant clinical experience as therapists (behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy, non-vioilent communication), our team also includes professional consultants (defectologist, physical therapist, pediatrician and social worker).

Our center “LogoMed Beograd” offers the following services:
- Stimulating the beginning of speech
- Prevention, diagnostics and treatments for Dyslalia disorder
- Prevention, diagnostics and treatments for stammering
- Diagnostics and treatment for disorders such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia
- Stimulating speech and language development
- Preparing children for the start of school
- Psychological counseling, diagnostics and treatment
- Creative workshops in communication

In the pleasant ambiance of the LogoMed center which is fully adjusted to the needs of your child, we provide diagnostics services using standardized tests. The treatments were imagined so we can reach the desired goal together, through exercise, games and instructions. Creativity is very important so that the little ones can learn about their abilities and create a positive self-image, express and affirm themselves as a personality and prove their capabilities.

We provide a free counseling program in cooperation with Cukarica municipality, every last Saturday of the month for two hours, between 12PM and 2PM. You can find us at 2 Sumadijski square in the formal hall of the assembly.

Let’s understand each other better!

Working hours:
Mon-Sat: 9AM – 8PM

LogoMed speech therapy counseling office

56 Pozeska street, TC, ground floor, shop 2, Banovo hill, Belgrade.