Dental surgery Belgrade

Address: 25/1 Francuska st., Dorcol
Belgrade Phone: 011/3283-708, 061/3283-708

4/ 5stars

Dental Practice "Belgrade Smile" founded in 2010.

Our team of experts has the knowledge gained in leading academic and clinical environment at home and abroad, and then the knowledge deepened and polished long independent working and exchange of experience with koleagama, as evidenced by many satisfied patients.

We follow the latest trends in terms of procedures, equipment and materials through regular training and apply them in daily practice, providing treatment according to international standards, with domestic prices.

We strive to provide our patients meet the flexible scheduling of appointments and benefits in respect of payment services to the duration of the treatment feeling relaxed and comfortable. In addition, we also regularly akcijake offers, which you can find information on our website ( or by phone.

Here at the "Belgrade smile" provide complete care of the health of your teeth and mouth in one place: perform a complete multi-functional dental care, and procedures for the DOMANA specialized branch somatologije, call our consultants, top professionals of different specialties.

One of our advantages is that the entire X-ray diagnostics can be done easily and quickly without having to leave the building, "Morita" dental X-ray Center, which is equipped with a digital camera panoramic X next-generation, low doses of radiation.

Dental Practice "Belgrade Smile" is located in the city center, close to Republic Square, and is easily accessible by a number of lines of public transport. If you are coming with your own car, you will rejoice in the proximity of public parking garages in the Macedonian Obilić Street (near the "Policy").