Dental surgery Belgrade

Address: 81 Pozeska st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 011/355-4737, 063/8066-697

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Dental Practice Karadzic is located in the central part of the main street in Banovo Brdo - Cukarica, in Pozeska Street, number 120 in the building, across from shopping center * CITY HALL *.

General dental practice Karadzic started work in 1993 and is owned by Milka Karadzic, doctor of dentistry. We provide dental services in all areas of dentistry:
- Dental (repair of damaged tooth decay, root canal treatment - endodontics, tooth whitening prebojenih) - PROSTHETICS (making crowns and bridges of metal-ceramic, and acrylic prosthesis skeletal),
- PARODONTOLOGY (conservative and surgical treatment of periodontal disease, removal of soft plaque and calculus using ultrasound and the AIR FLOW system),
- Surgery (tooth extraction, removing non erupted - impacted wisdom teeth),
- Orthodontology (correcting teeth in children and adult orthodontic braces and fixed appliances).

Dental services are carried out in a pleasant atmosphere, using modern equipment and with the use of modern materials and methods of treatment. In addition to the owner's offices Milka Karadzic, who is engaged in dental prosthetics, as consultants we have prescribed and eminent experts from the Dental Faculty in Belgrade. In the area of the teeth and mouth disease, special emphasis is laid on the area of endodontics (Dr. Karadžić Branislav) - treatment of pulp (nerve endings), which despite the great destruction of the tooth crown, root storage makes it possible to use this as a mount for a bridge or crown. Conservative, especially the surgical treatment of diseased gums and teeth supporting apparatus - periodontal disease, teeth are kept from falling, recovering the damaged gum and bone, allowing the patient to preserve the primary function of bite and chew. By correcting the anomalies of the teeth of their position ii the relationship between jaw in children and in adults today, achieved an excellent results, both aesthetically and in terms of application of functional orthodontic appliances and fixed prostheses (Doc. Dr. Predrag Nikolic). In the framework of the surgery is possible implant and prosthetic devices to them. Karadzic in the office * * You can get the desired information and advice on oral hygiene and prevention of other diseases and conditions in the oral cavity.