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Professionalism and teamwork provide the best results in solving the most complicated cases. Clinic for Oral Reconstruction, in cooperation with experts from the School of Dentistry , provides a favor in the field of prosthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and implantology , orthodontics and pediatric dentistry . The approach to each patient is individual and specific to them and together with teamwork, we arrive at the best solution.

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Beautiful teeth have become imperative of modern man , and the possibilities of modern dentistry as a means of achieving perfection.

We will guide you through the therapy. We will find the best solution to organize time , expert consultants , choose the best materials and make sure everything goes smoothly with incredible ease and beauty ulaganjausebe .

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Implants - and what you need to know about them

What are implants ?
Dental implants can be imagined as an artificial tooth root , which from the perspective of the patient may look like a wall anchor for use by craftsmen. The main objective of implant osseointegration and implant and bone accretion , which allows it to be parts of the edentulous jaw " implanted " artificial tooth is missing. The implants consist of three parts : body implants (found in bone ), the superstructure ( update implants outside of the bone ) where the crowns , bridge or denture .

Material for implants
The majority of implants are made of pure titanium or its alloys . This metal has been used for years to create a variety of orthopedic implants (various hip prosthesis or similar) because it has the property that it accepts as an organism does not cause adverse reactions type of allergy or rejection of a foreign body . These features have made the implants and zirconia ceramics used for compensation for loss of front teeth because they provide the bette r aesthetic effect .
When missing one tooth , implants to avoid grinding the adjacent teeth . If the adjacent teeth are healthy , rational is viewed from a biological standpoint of teeth implants installed . Most implants are installed when there is not enough tooth medium on which to draft a bridge . They are built and when we want to reinforce unstable full denture , especially in the lower jaw . Incorporating 2-4 implants can care for dentures with precision jointing methods to stabilize an unstable prosthesis and allow the patient to be satisfied in both cosmetic and functional . Care for the edentulous jaw fixed fee ( not taken out of the mouth) , it is necessary to incorporate a minimum of 6 implants. Implant placement YES or NO:  it is the decision that the patient and the doctor make together !
Patient for a dental implant should be in good general health . It is not recommended to do before 16 of age while the upper age limit depends on the general health of the patient . Contraindications are pregnancy , high blood pressure , diabetes, blood clotting disorders , heart attack , allergies , kidney disease , n.trigeminusa neuralgia , multiple sclerosis or other chronic diseases . Not recommending any installation in people kojejako smoke, have poor oral hygiene and bruxism ( teeth grinding ) .
Placing the implant
Implant placement is performed under local anesthesia and sterile conditions . The operation may take 30-60 minutes , depending on the number of implants used . From the perspective of the patient, surgery is often compared with eg . one operating extraction of wisdom teeth . The time required to complete osseointegration of implants in the upper jaw, 4 - 6 months for the lower 3 months. After completing the coalescence of implants in bone, the implant can ušrafljuje superstructure and it is made of crowns, bridges or dentures.