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Address: 12 Marka Oreskovica st, Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/64-14-894, 064/1250-226

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Dental Practice DENTAMAX

Dr. Katarina Jovicic DENTAMAX

Dental Practice is located at No.12 Mark Oreskovic street, in Zvezdara Djeram near the market and Vuk's Monument (50 meters from the Boulevard). Examinations and consultations are free. Practice provides services in all areas of dentistry, the application of the latest methods, materials and equipment: Dental - Dental care for caries destruiranih composite (white) and amalgam fillings (fillings) - treatment Of root canal (removal of the nerve) - treatment Learning infected root canal (gengrene) teeth PROSTHETICS - Development metal-ceramic and metal-free crowns and bridges - Board aste partial and full dentures - Partial skeleton (Vizil) forms with ate? Menima (without hooks) - A classic not Vizil prosthesis - Repair of old dentures PARODONTOLOGY - Therapy paradontl pockets, flap surgery - Removal of tartar with ultrasound - Removal of soft plaque (tooth polishing) COSMETIC DENTISTRY -ZOOM teeth whitening laser technology in ordinacji -ku? no teeth whitening -Jewelry for teeth ORAL SURGERY - Routine and surgical extractions of teeth - Resection (surgical le? Of) root - implantology Orthodontology - Straightening the teeth and jaws in children and adults (fixed and mobile devices) Children's dentistry - Prevention, motivation and education - Fissure sealing and fluoridation of teeth - Extraction of deciduous teeth All interventions are done under local anesthesia and it is time to fear of the dentist who is going to be your past! WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! APPOINTMENTS by phone: 011/2414-894 064/1250-226 You can ask questions via e-mail: