Dental surgery Belgrade

Address: 51 Milesevska st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/2442-850, 064/1394-917

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Dental Office Dr. Nina Markovic Dental Practice''Dr. Nina Markovic'' is located in Mileševska Street (formerly Sava Kovacevic) No. 51, in the settlement of the Red Cross, the municipality of Novi Beograd. Established in 1991. Since then it has provided services in all areas of dentistry for adults and children. In practice, among others. Nina Markovic, provides consulting services and four top dentists in the area: the maxillofacial and oral surgery, prosthodontics, orthodontics and periodontal disease. With sincere pride that we have in the past 25th years gained numerous clientele of satisfied patients, and many have become the family dentist! Office is established, the water is in it with pleasure to Dr.. Nina Markovic, specijalist doctor for children's and preventive dentistry, which is also a member of the Chamber of Private dentists Serbia. Excellent service, professionalism, patience and a smile, caring for the patient and the knowledge that the practice of usluizi patients whenever they need, giving patients the safety, tranquility and beautiful smile-a goal of our practice. SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE OFFICE: Dental: - Treatment of pulp and multi-channel jednokanalnih teeth - Stopping teeth with the use of modern materials (composites, ionomer voice, etc.); Periodontal disease: - Cleaning of tartar - Deep gingival pockets curettage - Gingivectomy - Flap surgery with implantation of artificial bone Orthodontics: - Mobile devices - Fixed appliances with metal and ceramic brackets Prosthetics: - Metal-ceramic crowns - Metal-free ceramics - Complete dentures (classical and the metal base) - Partial skeleton prosthesis (Vizil) with and without Attachement - The telescopic crowns Oral surgery: - Tooth Extraction - Recekcija teeth (apicoectomy) - Preprosthetic surgery - Installation of implants - Operation of small growths in and around the mouth Children's and Preventive Dentistry: - Dental - Stopping teeth - Fissure sealing - Tooth Extraction - Guidance on hygiene