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The smile is like a mirror. Reflects confidence, youth and vitality. We wish that every member of your family feel and look their best.

Start with a bright smile.
If you lack confidence or feel you can not leave a positive first impression of your smile, you should explore what you offer today's dentistry.

Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain exceptional dental health.
We pride ourselves on establishing a good relationship with each patient, built on mutual respect and trust.

The office DENTOMANIJA is characterized by expertise, high by European standards, modern equipment and follow the latest international trends and developments.

We provide quality dental education to our patients.
Our staff is able to offer the kind of service you expect and deserve.
You are the reason we're here.


Painless and quick modeling techniques of composite fillings type Gradia gives mechanical strength, durability and superior aesthetic results. We offer you a wide range of shades of composite restorations. Also, material properties allow dental morphological design to perfection.

Standard amalgam fillings are now a thing of the past.
In the case of infection root canal we utilize to endodontic rehabilitation. High-quality nickel- titanium instruments enable access to the root canal, even in the case of pronounced curvature.

Preparations based on type of dexamethasone Pulpomixine, now allow the rehabilitation of the initial inflammation top of the root without surgical intervention.

Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges. In terms of fixed prosthetic works we have long-term solutions of high aesthetic options.
free ceramics

All-ceramic systems by bio-compatibility, functionality and aesthetic superiority beyond the standard metal-ceramic crowns. This system offers increased light transmission and natural reflection resulting in beautiful and pirodnijim appearance.

There is also less susceptibility of the plaque and there is no risk of hypersensitivity patients on metal.

Following the world trends in cosmetic dentistrywe use the most advanced CAD-CAM technology (computer-designed and computer-generated) core and a core of zirconium and alumina porcelain (Procera). This possibility is available to us thanks to our cooperation with the Procera laboratory in Sweden.

These systems provide prosthetic outstanding precision and aesthetics.

This system allows the aesthetic restoration with minimally invasive treatment. Color, shape and position of teeth are perfectly aligned creation of composite and ceramic veneers (veneer).

The adhesive bridges
The indication for this type of intervention are younger patients to avoid grinding of adjacent teeth. This system constitutes a conditional permanent solution.

This type of prosthetic naoknade represents one of the ways of solving the partial loss of teeth.
Partial dentures have a metal base and are maximally reduced.
Partial and complete dentures
This type of prosthetic restoration has an acrylic base.
Extraordinary aesthetic possibilities are realized by installing high-quality Ivoclear teeth. Using the finest materials excluded patients hypersensitivity to acrylate.

• Implantology
• OPERATIONAL extraction of roots and impacted teeth
• gingivectomy
• vestibuloplastics

• Prosthetic restoration on implants
• Initial planning
• The correct setting superstructure
• Meets the requirements of function, aesthetics and hygiene

Why grind healthy teeth to create a bridge?
Today implants are significantly more comfortable way of disposing crowns in the loss of teeth in patients.
Fitting implants prior Rtg and CT analysis. Oral surgery specialist assesses the possibility of installing place implants. In reliance on the type of implant installation is carried out in one or two stages.

Prosthetic care is accessed after a certain time required for osteoregeneraciju (bone healing).
There are classical implants and those who direct (immediate) burden. The difference is in the time necessary for osteoregeneraciju. Classic implants are implanted for a period of 4-6 months depending on the jaw. For immediate implant installation is done after 15-30 days.

Typology of the patient determines the type of implant.

After completing the treatment is necessary to maintain adequate oral hygiene. Deposits on the implants can lead to inflammation of the gums and to the consequent loss of bone. It is therefore emphasized the importance of brushing your teeth 2 times a day and professionally removed at soft deposits 4 times a year.

This intervention to rescue teeth that do not respond to conservative therapy. Granulomas and cysts are odstrnjuju with part of the root of the tooth.

In this type of intervention includes conservative and surgical treatments.
conservative treatment

The conservative treatment involves the removal of the cause of periodontal disease (removal of soft and hard deposits, correction of inadequate fillings and prosthetic devices and curettage of periodontal pockets).
surgical therapy

Done in the case of large bone defects.

The youngest patients require special methods.
In contact with the child, it is necessary to achieve confidence and stress intervention kept to a minimum.
Prevention is an essential factor in contact with young patient.
The preventive measures include: correcting the diet, adequate oral hygiene and protection of teeth fluoride. This includes the application of high concentrations of sodium fluoride (fluorogenic R forte) and sealants as a necessary protection against cavities. These procedures make the teeth more resistant to decay and constitute a guarantee for healthy teeth to build a future.

• Teeth whitening
• Dental jewelry

Teeth whitening
Today you have to offer an easy way to embellish your smile. In this offer, we recommend our whitening technique that is an easy, simple and safe way of beautifying your smile. Based on the impression of your teeth we make an individual thin film that precisely aligns with the surface of your teeth. Worn at night and does not interfere with your sleep. The foil is applied gels (Opalescence R). The effects achieved with this method are excellent and last for years, if necessary, the paint can and refresh.

Tooth jewelry
This treatment is one of the most beautiful services in cosmetic dentistry. Putting zircon contributes to a  more radiant smile. The procedure is simple, fast and does not damage the tooth enamel. Jewelry is very easily applied to the surface of the tooth. Also, the removal in the future is easy and fast and does not leave any marks on the tooth.
We recommend
Regular dental checks (twice a year) and the use of prophylactic measures in the fight against tooth decay.

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