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Address: 144 Blagoja Parovica st, Banovo Brdo
Belgrade Phone: 011/2542-117, 354-11-57

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Dental Practice Morača

Dental surgeries Moraca was established in 1988. Today it is a modern specialist clinic equipped with the latest dental equipment, three dental chairs, digital x-rays, lasers, electro cauter, CAD CAM DIGITAL SYSTEM latest generation.

Over 10,000 open cartons of processed and patients. We are happy that we did that you're satisfied with our work and our services.

The team consists of Practice:
1. Moraca Dr Vujo specialist in prosthodontics
2. Moraca Dr. Milos dentist specializing in prosthodontics
3. Olga Tulumirovic nurse and Associates

In our office, you can get all kinds of dental services. We do our best to provide the best, functional and aesthetic solution, in terms of your crowns, in order to achieve what you want.

- Partial and complete dentures
- Complete dentures with mini implants
- Metal denture with all types of fasteners
- Metalo'keramicke crowns
- Bezmetlne crowns
- IT development veneer (veneer), crowns, fillings (all shapes and sizes-Inle, onlei)

Thanks to CAD CAM digital systems Your problem may be resolved in one visit. On the same day you get more and more ceramic veneer crowns

In addition to prosthetics in our office you can get services in other areas of dentistry such as:
• Diseases of the teeth - dental treatment using the latest Product code of the last generation.
• Endodontics - treatment of roots najsvremenijim Product code and with the use of computerized digital devices.
• Periodontics - treatment of all forms of periodontal disease, conservative and surgical.
• Orthodontia - correction of dental irregularities.

What are the veneer?
With minimal sanding the front surface of the tooth CEREC (CAD CAM system) makes ceramic restoration (luspicu)) 1mm in thickness to the desired color and shape. Beautiful on the day and gives the result of an aesthetic ideal. Used with retiranih teeth, irregular shaped teeth. Where it is needed aesthetic correction veneer are ideal.

Metal-free crowns and bridges
Not contain any metal surface but zirconium core, which is why your teeth look completely natural

Inle and ONLEI
Computer iradene fillings of all colors and shapes represent perfection in the restoration of all types of defects of the teeth, especially the changes in the dark old analgamskih or composite fillings

A tooth that you are missing one or more, you can make up direct "inculcation" implant. They are basically artificial tooth root. In our office we use the best implant manufacturers and also Sraumann implants manufactured by the Swiss IHDEdental that offer high quality at an affordable price. If your denture is unstable and afraid of surgical intervention, there is a solution to your problem: IMTEC MDI mini implants SENDAX. Are installed without cutting up right (with practically no surgical intervention) and perfectly kept your old or new denture "buttoned up" for the fork immediately after installation.

Periodontal Surgery
If you have advanced disease of periodontal tissues, known as "periodontitis" in our office, you can do a complete treatment of periodontal surgical therapy's basic up.

During the intervention, after the uplift gums and removing harmful content, bone defects are filled "artificial bone" over which is placed a protective membrana.Mi we decided to use superior products manufactured Geistlich Bio-Oss and Bio-Gide.

A specialized medical treatment after surgery will complete soft laser treatment to heal it faster and less discomfort.

Teeth Whitening
If you have healthy gums and teeth healthy, but not satisfied with their color is no safe way to become your teeth a few shades brighter. First you need to remove all the plaque from your teeth to assess njihiva right color. It is comfortable conditioning based on ultrasound and device for sandblasting teeth.
If you are not satisfied with the color of their approach to chemical bleaching.
Teeth whitening can be done in the office or at home with a special foil napravjenih exactly to your teeth.
Is whitening safe and that damages the teeth?
Must adhere to certain rules before and after the bleaching that it was safe and then there is no damage to the teeth.

How much can teeth be bleachedi?
Several shades, just enough to achieve the desired whiteness of teeth.

Is the result permanent? Effects last for at least a year after cege is called. Fire. Smoking and drinking lots of colored drinks significantly reduces the effect achieved.