Dermatovenerology Belgrade

Address: 26/IV Gavrila Principa st
Belgrade Phone: 011/218-2898

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Dermatology and veneorology clinic Dr Lazovic Miodrag

Examinations can be scheduled through this number: 011/218-2898

- We treat skin and veneral diseases in adults and children
- Dermoscopy (examinating beauty marks via dermatoscope)
- Small surgical interventions (done via electrocauter, radio waves or carbon dioxide laser) such as removing  warts, condoms, fibromas, nagiomas, mollusks, xanthelasms, keratoses,  in-grown hair, in-grown nails, basalomas, atheroses, various cysts, hard scarring and beauty marks
- We remove hair via IPL methods and for light hair we use dlake blend method (electrolysis + thermolysis)
- We remove expanded capillaries using the IPL method and electrocoagulation
- We treat keloids (hard scarring)
- We remove freckles and blemishes.

All interventions are done under local anesthesia.

Consultants: Dr Rajko Jovicic
- Modern wound (ulcerations) healing
- Sclerosation of expanded veins and capillaries
- Dr Slobodanka Grubisic
- Dermatopediatrics