Dermatovenerology Belgrade

Address: 24 Deligradska st.
Belgrade Phone: 011/3618-638, 011/3615-778

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''EXPERTO CREDITE- TRUST THE EXPERIENCED'' Vergilius PRIVATE SPECIALIST PRACTICE OF DERMATOLOGY AND VENEREAL DISEASE EXPERTO-CREDITE - Dr. Dobrivoj Lazarevic - Specialist of dermatovenerology. Work hours every day from 09:00 to 17:00 h. Appointments by phone at 011 3618 638, HEALING YOU IS OUR SATISFACTION
Private specialist practice EXPERTO CREDITE, Dr. Dobrivoje D. Lazarevic, a specialist for skin and venereal diseases, offers expertise and experience in the field of diagnosis and treatment of skin and venereal diseases, cosmetic diagnosis and treatment, dermatological physical intervention and treatment of diseased veins. We accept the treatment of children, the young, patients of middle and late age. Each patient uses their appointment, discretion and anonymity are guaranteed. Admission and treatment are in the clinic in the city center. We accept examination and treatment of patients in their homes (home visits) With a maximum saving of time, you will have excellent expert service and reserved medications.
Dermatology Specialist examination and diagnosis of skin diseases. Specialist examination and diagnosis of venereal (sexually transmitted) disease. Dermatological procedures - the removal of all types of warts from the skin and genital areas - the removal of fibroma and other benign growths from the skin – electrical sclerosation of small capillaries - rehabilitation and treatment of scalp - prevention of appearance and treatment of existing stretch marks - incision and care of skin infections - treatment and disposal of calluses and corns - treatment of diseased nail and toe region - the reconstruction of excessive sweating of legs and other body parts. Intervention methods: Cryosurgery - application of low temperatures - liquid nitrogen ECT – intervention with electrocautery machines – interventions with minor surgery instruments
Cosmetology- Cosmetic examination and disagnostics - Cosmetic (medical) face and body treatments - the treatment of EXTREME FORM OF ACNE on face and body - the removal of grease plugs from the pores of the skin and fat cysts – treatment of seborrhoeic facial skin- rehabilitation of improperly maintained and neglected skin – electrical epilation - blend method of phlebological intervention and care of venous ulcers (wounds) to complete the healing.