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Specialist Practice "Dr. Bogdan" provides professional services in the field of varicology, dermatology and medical cosmetics. This includes effectively diagnosing disease, and treatment using the most reliable modern methods.

Veins - varicose veins, inflammation, thrombosis, wounds (prevention and lecenfe)
Capillaries - removing capillaries and veins from the face and legs (injections and electrolysis)
ARTERY - blockage, difficulty in walking, gangrene and other circulatory disorders
Lymph vessels - inflammation, clogging and lymphatic islands leg
SKIN - skin diseases, nails, hair, repair flammable, fungal and other changes in children and adults

- Permanent hair removal, hair removal and correction of facial and body
- Removing warts and the like from the face, neck and body
- Tightening of facial wrinkles and stretch marks and cellulite reduction
- Treatment of acne and blemishes on the face and body
- Facial Treatment (bio-treatment with massage ionizing)

Physician Dr. Sava Bogdanovic is a specialist of dermatology and internal medicine with extensive experience in the treatment of circulatory disorders, skin diseases and medical cosmetics. In addition to medicine he studyied chemistry, and was a demonstrator and assistant for chemistry at the medical school. For several years he worked as an expert-specialist pharmaceutical factory "Alkaloid". He was a student and associate professor of Czech Libora Hejhala, world renowned surgeons, specialists in problems of blood vessels to the United Nations. He has authored over 60 technical papers and participant in numerous conferences and seminars at home and abroad. It is also the author of numerous certificates for medicinal products of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies (Fibrolan, Hepathrombin, Hepalpan, Solcoseryl, et al.). Most of his working life was spent working in the hospital "Dragisa Misovic in Belgrade, setting up and running varikološke services at the Clinic for Cardio-Vascular Surgery contributions reputation of the institution in the treatment of disorders of peripheral circulation and vascular diseases, particularly veins. His extensive knowledge and experience is used in the creation of two recognized high quality products - cream for varicose veins "Trombovenall and emulsion for leather" Emulsio Compositum ", made in collaboration with the graduate. pharmacist, as well as graduate. technologist chemistry, associate the world's top pharmaceutical companies.
Cream for veins "TROMBOVENALL" The cream consists of a few best components in the optimal synergy than was produced by a team of experts (specialist, doctors, pharmacists) on the basis of years of positive clinical experience. ACTION: Strengthens walls of blood vessels (capillaries, veins and lymphatic vessels) and helps blood circulation and nutrition of tissues. Prevent the spread of veins and capillaries spraying. Mogutcnost reduces inflammation, podkožnog tissue and blood vessels and prevents tromboflebita, ie. helping withdraw. It reduces swelling, pain, itching and burning, softens and reduces otvrdline and prevents venous wounds. Reduces hemorrhoids and relieves symptoms. APPLICATION: Varicose veins and capillaries, piles, small arteries, lymphatic vessels. Inflammation and thrombosis of superficial and deep veins. Islands in the leg varicose veins, thrombosis, and lymphatic vessels. Later venous thrombosis consequences: islands, otvrdline, early. Preparing for sclerosing veins and capillaries as well as preparation for surgery of veins. Protection against potential ignition vein and thrombosis during pregnancy, childbirth and the various operations. USE: The cream is rubbed gently 1-2 minutes, until the complete absorption, first several times, and then 2-3 times a day. Cream should not be applied directly to open wounds, but the wound. PACKING: 60 ml (50 g) and 125 ml (100 g).
Emulsion for leather "EMULSIO COMPOSITUM" Emulsion composed of several proven ingredients in a harmonious relationship and a very favorable result of many years of clinical experience. ACTION: Place of action emulsion skin and mucous membranes. Act quickly and strongly. It works on all types of inflammations of the skin and mucous membrane diffusing to the disappearance of inflammation, burning, pain and itching. It works in a variety of infections, allergic and ekzemne skin lesions. Enables and accelerates the healing of wounds, and venous wounds. APPLICATION: Inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes, burns, sun burns, skin inflammation and veins tromboflebita and complications (Brake dermatitis, venous ekzem, venous and arterial wounds, etc.).. Juvenile acne and pimples on the body. Allergic skin lesions - urticaria, ekzem, insect stings and the like. Islands of the skin and mucus of allergic and flammable lesions and peeling. Itching for inflammation, allergies, itching with no apparent cause. Use code: hemeroides (itching and inflammation), diseases of the genitals (inflammation, burning, swelling, itching), ear (inflammation, pain, itching). Repair the injury of the skin, decubitus, etc.. Rehabilitate children ekzeme and rash of sweat and urine. USE: The emulsion is directly applied to the changes cries times a day, the wound in a thicker layer, and then writhes. On inflammation and itching of the emulsion is applied in a thin layer of soft utrljivanjem, without pressing, and will not wrap. PACKAGING: The bottle of 100 ml. INDICATIONS FOR EMULSIO COMPOSITUM: 1. Skin and mucous membranes of the genitals in men and women 2. Problem of dry vagina, protection against fungi and bacteria, and lečennje 5. Inflammation of the lining of the eye - conjunctivitis, sty, krmeljenje eye. 4. Gingivitis, tooth pain of the lower level, stomatitis, aphthae. 5. Psoriasis vilgaris - acute stage, as well as psoriatic Erythrokeratodermia 6. Inflammation of the veins, thrombophlebitis and burning around the vein. 7. Wounds as a result of varicose veins and tromboflebita - fresh and outdated of any size. Specialist Practice "Dr. Bogdan" Address: Reljkoviceva 14, 11090 Beograd Contact: 011 / 35 91 181