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Detective agency Seguridad ltd. in Belgrade offers detective services throughout Serbia. The seat of our agency is in Belgrade, but other than Belgrade we also provide detective services in all cities and locations in Serbia.

Our company for detective services and corporative security "Seguridad ltd" in Belgrade was founded in 2015 with the goal of providing investigative services to legal entities and individuals with highest professional standards.

We have been licensed to provide detective services by Republic of Serbia's police force.

The team at detective agency Seguridad includes exclusively experienced detectives and highly qualified individuals who are specialized in their fields, allowing us to offer a broad range of detective services.

Discovering fraud and adultery, finding persons in hiding, indebted parties, investigating threats, blackmail, disturbances, supervising people and children, background checking business partners and employees, seeking missing persons, polygraph testing, phone forensics, security consulting - these are only some of the detective services we provide at Detective agency Seguridad. Read more about our services at our web page Detective agency Seguridad Belgrade.

Polygraph - polygraph testing

The polygraph registers symptoms of changes in the organism's internal functions. Polygraph testing lies in the domain of applied psychology, considering the fact that 'lie detector' test is a purely psychological one.

The polygraph device itself measures the emotional state of the subject based on tracking changes in their breathing, pulse, blood pressure and the psychogalvanic reflex (changes in the skin's electroconductivity).

The service of polygraph testing at our Agency is in the hands of Slobodan Zecevic, who has over 35 years of experience and practice in the Criminalistic Management of Belgrade's police department, where he worked in this same field.

Polygraph testing services:

  • Suspicions of infidelity
  • Testing job applicants
  • Testing employees
  • Theft and fraud

For more information about the polygraph and polygraph testing, visit our web page

Counter-surveillance room examination - discovering surveillance devices

Counter-surveillance room survey includes methods that we use to test and protect you from technical or electronical surveillance. Our counter-surveillance room screening can be done in your workplace, offices, apartments, weekend houses, meeting halls, vehicles and other locations and it consists of analyzing the radio-frequency spectrum, detecting electronic devices and physically searching the room, all for the purpose of finding and removing surveillance devices such as 'bugs' and hidden video cameras.

More information about anti-surveillance room screening and surveillance device detection can be found at our web page

 Mobile phone forensics - data restoration

We offer mobile phone forensics with the ability to successfully recover lost data such as contacts, photos, databases, text messages etc. from all kinds of smartphone devices (iPhone and Android). If your mobile phone got broken or you deleted the data, we can successfully restore it in most cases.

Mobile phone forensics services

  • Recovering deleted data from your mobile phone
  • Saving data from your mobile phone
  • Permanent erasure of data from your phone
  • Discovering spy software in mobile phones

More on our mobile data forensics, data recovery and permanent data erasure at our web page

Discovering spying software on your mobile devices

Are you concerned that someone might be spying on your mobile phone, listening to your conversations, reading your texts or accessing the files you send in your workplace, at home, in your car or while you are with friends or other company?

With the help of our program we can discover spying software on your device and either remove or confirm your doubts that your phone is being tapped. If we establish the existence of spy software on your device, we immediately remove it so that you can use your phone straight away.

If you have doubts that your phone is being tapped, talk to us with full confidence and we will check your phone. More on discovering and removing spying software from your phone at our web page

If you believe we can help you by gathering information, establishing the validity of certain claims or doubts, polygraph testing, anti-surveillance screening, phone and computer forensics or in any other way, we are at your disposal.


DETECTIVE AGENCY SEGURIDAD Detective agencies Beograd
DETECTIVE AGENCY SEGURIDAD Detective agencies Beograd
DETECTIVE AGENCY SEGURIDAD Detective agencies Beograd

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