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Address: 43a Svetog Nikole st.
Belgrade Phone: 011/2419-568, tel/fax: 2418-295
E-mail: office@starasokolova.com
Website: www.starasokolova.com

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BELGRADE OFFICE: 43 St. Nikola street, 11000 Belgrade
CENTRAL: 40 Dimitrija Tucovica street, 31000 Uzice, Serbia
PHONE/FAX: 011/ 2418 295, 031/ 516 751
E-MAIL: office@starasokolova.com
WEB: www.starasokolova.com

The rakia brandy „Stara Sokolova“ came to be from a centuries old tradition of the Bogdanovic family from the village Kostojevici, near Bajina Basta. It got its name from the area it originated from. The area of west Serbia near Drina river was called „Sokolska“ region during the reign of the Turkish empire. Today „Stara Sokolova“ (Old Sokolova) is one of the most famous domestic brands of rakia brandy, a leader in the premium rakia market of Serbia.
Our products, in addition to our renown „Sljivovica“ rakia brandy, includes other high quality kinds of rakias: melon, apricot, Viljamovka, Klekovaca, Medovina (mead), Travarica and Soko V.S.O.P brandy. The assortment is completed by our two famous liquers: Pelinkovac Zlatiborski Vrh and Medinja Original, a premium liquer made of meadow honey and melon.
Rakia brandy „Stara Sokolova“ can be found in any significant trade chains in the country and abroad, in specialized liquer stores and discount stores and it can be ordered in prestigious Belgrade hotels, restaurants and taverns around Serbia.
70% of our products are successfully exported to markets from Australia to Russia, the Balkans and Western Europe to Canada and America. We have won many awards for quality in Serbia and abroad.