Doctor Belgrade

Address: 16 Mihaila Bulgakova st., Mirijevo-Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/7423-393, 069/1211-945
E-mail: info@specijalistickaordinacija.com
Website: www.specijalistickaordinacija.com

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Speciijalist Practice "Dr Milutin Novaković " founded in 2006, as a clinic for diagnosis , general surgery , therapeutic procedures and patient treatment .

We are here to safeguard the health of you and your family 24 hours a day . No waiting and complicated procedures , and at the best price you can to complete the review required by your state of health .
Specialist Practice "Dr Milutin Novakovic ," boasts the action - Permanent senior citizen discount !


The specialist practice " Milutin Novakovic " where the patient can do the entire ultrasound diagnostics : stomach , breast, thyroid , prostate, urinary tract entire , gynecology, soft tissues , bone system . Special intrarektalnom get the most accurate ultrasound probe for diseases prostate.Ordinacija ultrasound has the latest generation of premium , so that the patient is the most modern way can do a complete ultrasound Previewing heart color Doppler techniques, and Doppler of blood vessels ( neck, arms , legs , aorta ) .


Surgical intervention: tumors of the skin , birthmarks , malignant melanoma , removal of warts and skin growths, biopsy , removal of fat ( atheroma and lipomii ) , ingrown nails , and operations of the aesthetic . Surgeries and interventions are performed surgical knife modern radio high frequency , allowing the smallest possible tissue trauma .


In the field of cardiology and cardiac diagnostic own ECG and 24 h Holter monitoring , the cardiologist giving the opportunity to the ultrasound examination of the heart as earlier the correct diagnosis and determine treatment.


Previewing performed transabdominal and Intravaginal ultrasound probe.

Home visits

Home visits are made each day from 0 - 24. Specialized Practice "Dr Milutin Novakovic " is equipped with a mobile ultrasound machine , a mobile ECG machine, defibrillator and all necessary equipment for field work . It is enough to call the designated phone and give your address.


Dressing wounds , giving injections, placement of urinary catheters , infusion.