Doctor Belgrade

Address: 4/1 Cetinjska st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: tel/fax:011/3030-404, 065/3030-405

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Plavec specialist office for lung disease is located in Stari Grad at 4/1 Cetinjska street in the yard. The office diagnoses lung disease using noninvasive and invasive techniques. The office also treats various lung conditions and offers advice in treatment of diagnosed conditions that do not have ambulance treatment conditions.

The services you can get from our office include:
- Specialist examination either at our office or at your home
- Lung capacity estimation in chronic lung obstruction and disease and asthma (spyrometry, bronchodilatatory testing, skin testing for inhallation allergens, bronchial provocation testing using histamine, bronchial provoation test using physical exertion, pulse oximetry and more)
- Diagnostics of pleura diseases (punctioning pleural spills with local anesthesia, pleura biopsy)
- Puncturing peripheral knots
- Bronchoscopy

Specific and patient conversation with the patient guided by an experienced specialist in lung disease, professor doctor Goran Plavec is the condition for high quality and complete pulmological examination. Analyzing subjective symptoms of the patient such as suffocation, coughing, lack of energy especially after being outside with congestation and chest pains which are related to individual organs and organic systems as well as their connection to various activities with influences are very important for making correct diagnosis and adequate therapy

In addition to that our office also conducts inhalatory therapy depending on the lung function and subjective symptoms.

Contact info:
Address: 4/1 Cetinjska street.
Phone: 011/ 30 30 404
Fax:  011/ 30 30 404
Mobile: 065/ 30 30 405