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PROMEDIS is a private outpatient subspecialist clinic established in 2003. Ever since it has strenghtened a leading position in the outpatient diagnosis and treatment  of A/ endocrine and metabolic disorders. In addition, Promedis is equipped with the latest technology system for B/ oxidative stress and antioxidant potential analysis, both being of vital importance for health prevention and maintenance.

A/ We are dedicated to establish the diagnosis and deliver high quality treatment of wide sprectrum of  endocrine disorders affecting the: pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands, diseases of endocrine pancreas, gonadal glands, endocrine tumors of gastrointestinal system and metabolic bone disorders. In adition, the outpatient clinic is specialized in the treatment of metabolic syndrome  as a conseqeunce of  endocrine disorder, and in particular in endocrine causes of  female infertility.

Based on the laboratory analysis and diagnostic reports, medical consultation, examination,  treatment and follow-up are provided by Prof. Dr. Vera Popović Brkić, M.D. Ph D, FRCP, a certified specialist in Internal Medicine , subspecialist in endocrinology, with extensive medical experience and  with international reputation.

B/ Being eager to incorporate the latest scientific medical knowledge of how to prevent disease and stay in good health we introduced a novel technology system for estimating both oxidative stress and antioxidant body potential. The test is performed in Promedis facility where our clients are subsequently given  medical interpretation and antioxidant treatment recommendation by the specialist  based on the obtained results.

There is an extensive scientific literature supporting the close relationship between oxidative stress, secondary antioxidant deficiency and onset of the disease. Uncontrolled and persisting oxidative stress ultimately leads to oxidation, which essentially means the denaturation process affecting overall vital cell compounds, i.e. carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids.

So far, testing for oxidative stress and antioxidant potential revealed to be most indicative in particular conditions of cardiovascular and nervous system, eye and lung disease, metabolic disorders (diabetes, obesity), metabolic and skin diseases, as well as reproductive system disorders.

Testing for oxidative stress is highly recommended in the population of professional athletes but no less important in recreational sports too. The results of recent investigations have also shown the role of oxidative stress in premature skin ageing thus justifying the necessity for redox potential testing in this indication. 

The testing system is a combination of oxidative stress (d-ROMs test) and body antioxidant potential (PAT test) measurement. Furthermore, PAT test is designed to follow-up the effect of the recommended antioxidant treatment, which may include either diet intervention or dietary supplements, both given to normalize pro and anti-oxidant body balance.

Based on the laboratory analysis and diagnostic reports, medical consultation, examination,  treatment and follow-up are provided by M.D., PhD Srdjan Brkic, specialist in clinical immunology.

For scheduling (medical examination) please contacts us:

Monday through Friday from 10.00 to 16.00 h

phone numbers:    
+381 11/2439 663; +381 11/38 35 085;
 +381 64/187 20 34 (mobile) 

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Address: 45, Nebojšina st., 11118 Beograd, R. Serbia


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