Dog kennel, boarding for dogs Belgrade

Address: 65v Omladinskih brigada st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/428-10-56

4.5/ 5stars

Our newly opened studio "Koska - all for dogs" is the first, unique and exclusive studio dedicated only to dogs, specifically small breeds.

Why first?

Because we have an area of 250m2 where your pets can run freely, play and enjoy the company of other canines while supervised by experienced dog experts and dog lovers who will professionally and with love take care of their needs.

Why unique and exclusive?

Because we are located in New Belgrade, block 70 at 65v Omladinskih brigada street in the Mala Sava mall next to the Sava quay.

Because we are able to offer you many services in one place, adjusted specifically for small dogs.


If you work all day long and you're not at ease knowing your dog is home alone, we are the solution!

With us your pet will be happy and safe all day long. The dogs won't be lonely, anxious, disturb the neighbors, make a mess of your apartment or hurt themselves.

You can rest easy knowing that your puppy will be treated with care and attention. We will make sure your dog is walked, fed and socialized while spending time with other dogs at our daycare.


If you're worried how your dog will handle traveling or harsher climates and wondering if it's even a good idea to bring it on your vacation or business trip, you can leave it with us! Your pet will be taken care of 24/7. It will be treated with the same attention that's given to the dogs in our daycare, except our staff will be with it throughout the night and it will be walked three times per day!


Our modernly equipped dog grooming salon employes professional groomers who know exactly how to bathe and groom all breeds and sizes of dogs. We use professional equipment and shampoos adjusted to various types, quality and condition of hair. We are able to meet all your requests regarding your pet's look.


If you have a dog you can bring it here with you, or if you love dog you can come and spend time with them in the beautiful ambiance. Please call us for any questions or consultations.

We work between 9AM - 8PM

Call in advance! We have limited capacity after all!

Address: 65v Omladinskih brigade street, New Belgrade
Facebook: Koska All for dogs
Tel: +381 11 428 10 56