Domestic cuisine Belgrade

Address: 2dj Vidikovacki venac st., Vidikovac
Belgrade Phone: 064/2601-855
E-mail: djosa016@gmail.com

4/ 5stars

"Leskovacki Merak kod dva brata" can be found in Vidikovac at 2đ. A popular location in Belgrade which is the embodyment of the city tavern and a testiment to the true city tavern and a testament to the bohemian way of life. A restaurant which draws in people of good will of all generations, those respecting tradition and our people's culture. Our master of culinary arts is a three years running winner of the largest manifestation in meat preparation in Serbia in Leskovac barbecue.

Through finding a way to bring together tradition of enjoying drinks and Leskovac grill with the needs of the modern man for a place that revitalizes the spirit and body we have created an atmosphere that makes you feel at home.

Tavern as an institution has always been and will be irreplacable in the lives of bohemians, poets, painters and other artists. The place where you drop by in order to exchange experiences, make business deals and new friendships. In the spirit of the old times, our restaurant Leskovacki merak continues to live and nurture the tradition known among people as 'the other home'

We'd like to highlight in our menu:
- Breakfast - cheese omelet, bacon omelet, sausage bacon, merak breakfast, home-baked flatbread...
- Soups and stews - chicken soup, veal soup, lamb soup...
- Barbecue, cevaps, patty, pork neck, white hanger, pork kebab, chicken leg, chicken fillet, Leskovac train large and small...
- House specialties - Leskovac mix, chicken breast, country hanger, smoked pork ribs, Karadjordje steak, merak fillet on the grill...
- Salads - shop salad, cabbage salad, tomato salad, Greek salad, spicy, merak salad
- Desserts - merak pancakes, walnut cookies...

What will especially draw your attention in addition to excellent Leskovac cuisine in our menu are also the images of the city of Leskovac and the most famous bohemian we've had - Toma Zdravkovic who will bring you back to past times.

Restaurant Leskovac merak organizes all kinds of celebrations, events and festivities and we place special emphasis on organizing smaller celebrations and business lunches. Restaurant Leskovac merak has the ideal environment for all kinds of celebrations in which you can celebrate your most beautiful moments.

For celebrations, business lunches and other festivities we prepare formal lunches based on the full and half menu per agreement with the client. Our expert staff will help you with complete organization because it is our goal that your celebration passes perfectly and you feel comfortable with your guests.

Our space easily becomes a hall intended for all other kinds of celebrations. WIth us you can celebrate graduations, anniversaries, prom nights, business cocktails and other celebrations at best prices.

Contact info:
Name: Leskovacki merak kod dva brata
Address: Vidikovacki venac 2đ
Mobile: 064/ 260 18 55