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Domestic cuisine Belgrade

Working hours

Monday 08:00 - 22:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 22:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 22:00
Thursday 08:00 - 22:00
Friday 08:00 - 22:00
Saturday 08:00 - 22:00
Sunday We are closed


  • Bus: 46, 55

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Useful information

Tavern "Zlatni stek" is located at 30 Vardarskka street, in Vracar, Belgrade. This is a place that brings back old times with its look and charm, the spirit of Belgrade. It's the perfect place for all those who appreciate tradition and history that stands behind our capitol.

It is our pleasure to present to you our unique tavern which with its ambiance and welcoming atmosphere promises wonderful experiences. Just like old time taverns in Belgrade, Zlatni Steak became the gathering place for all lovers of good food and even better drinks, always in the mood for company and conversation.

Hidden from the city bustle, our restaurant with years of tradition Zlatni stek is the ideal place to escape the everyday life in the city. When you take your place in our pleasant ambiance you will see why our restaurant deserves all praise.

Whether you want to have your first cup of coffee for the morning, look through the daily press or have an afternoon lunch with family or a romantic dinner with your partner, Zlatni stek is a place you must visit. We will tickle your imagination with the most delicious foods you've ever tasted.

Our menu will torture you (in the best way!) with many delicious choices. We will show you a world in which everything works to give your the best possible gastronomic experience. We serve beautiful bread baked in-house, home-made cheese and cream as welcome to all our guests.

We'd like to highlight the following in our diverse offer:

- Breakfast eggs and ham
- Entree - Serbian snack, meat jelly, baked beans, roasted mushrooms
- Soups and stews - chicken, beef...
- Barbecue - mixed meats, cevaps, patty
- Main courses: Karadjordje steak, Weiner schnitzel
- Roast - veal roast
- Salads - shop salad, cabbage salad, chaos salad

Gold steak restaurant is the ideal place for organizing smaller celebration that are a bit more intimate such as family lunches, anniversaries, business meetings and similar. All our guests can enjoy our beautiful garden from spring to fall, which is an oasis of peace and quiet, away from the city hustle and bustle.

For all lovers of the best traditional cuisine who are unable to come visit us, we also deliver all our specialties in the shortest possible time. We also offer catering services for all occassions.

Contact info:
Address: Vardarska 30
Mobile: 060/ 319 09 06
Mobile: 061/ 169 90 88
Phone: 011/ 308 70 30







































ZLATNI STEK Domestic cuisine Beograd
ZLATNI STEK Domestic cuisine Beograd
ZLATNI STEK Domestic cuisine Beograd