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Playroom equipment company Aska was created with a lot of love and imagination. Children's playrooms are a special world for our youngest where in addition to imagination our experts gave a lot of attention to safety and the quality of play.

The atests we own speak of the attention with which we select our materials and content. Our constructions follow the highest quality standards in safety for children's playgrounds and playrooms.

The huge number of various areas and object we've supplied places us at the top of the children playroom equipment suppliers. We have supplied both humble children's playrooms as well as the highest profile objects with slides, trampolines, volcanoes and other content. We always remain innovative with our design and form.

We offer wall painting as a special form of added decoration. The coordination of colors and materials for aesthetic purposes are the main qualities of good interior design while also keeping in mind that children need to be stimulated with a varied spectrum of colors. We give every space a uniqueness of its own and your mark.

3D elements, graphics and shapes complete any area and tell a story to the children who will spend time there. An entire little town, park, jungle, shops, animals or other environments are built by us as the foundation of any playroom.

The equipment we supply is extremely durable which is proven by the fact that some of the oldest playrooms in business still use our equipment. Our ingeniousness and the quality of our equipment don't lose value even in the newly opened and designed playrooms.