Exchange office Belgrade

Address: 100a Gandijeva st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 065/550-1019

4/ 5stars

Lusaga Exchange office is located at 100a Gandhi street near the TC Pyramid in the blocks and offers a wide spectrum of currency exchange options. If you would like to swiftly and securely do all kinds of monetary transactions our exchange office in the blocks is the right address for you. The Lusaga Exchange Office offers all kinds of foreign currencies at the best courses. Falling under our work domain are the following services:

- Purchasing currency
- Selling currency
- Converting currency

In performing these services we offer our clients security, reliability, efficiency and the best courses when buying and selling all kinds of currency without limits.

Desiring to offer you the best condition we do not charge provision. When larger sums of money are involved we offer the possibility of agreement at very affordable conditions. Thanks to our excellent service we have a large number of clients who give us their trust every day. The Exchange office Lusaga offers its clients a safe and fast way every day to perform all kinds of transactions at very affordable conditions. We offer all exchange services at one place.

Contact info:
Address: 100a Gandhi street
Phone: 011/ 3120 846
Mobile: 065/ 5501 019

Lusaga Exchange office, New Belgrade blocks