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Address: 62 Milesevska st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 064/0456-386

4.5/ 5stars

Whenever you want to try the best barbecue in Vracar, "EAT LIKE A BOSS" is the right place for you. To all real gourmands we offer a large selection of barbecue specialties, always made with fresh meat and using the recipes of old masters.

Only we offer the authentic burger, the best cevap, shishkebab, sausages, chicken breast and other best barbecued foods that will return you to your childhood. Thanks to our finest meats and spices as well as the traditional way of preparation, you will fall in love with our specialties with first bite.

We would especially like to highlight the following:

- Patties (regular, Leskovac, gourmand, stuffed, sesame, Njegus, BOSS...)
- Cevaps
- Chicken (fillet - stuffed and breaded, chicken leg, BOSS chicken breast)
- Smoked and white hanger
- Shishkebab
- Weiner schnitzel
- Sausage
- Fritters
- Flatbread
- Tortilla
- Breaded
- Sandwiches
- Barbecue per kilo
- Pancakes (sweet and savory)

The secret to our success lies in the use of the finest meat which we then prepare using the recipes of old masters, free of any artificial aromas or additives. Our excellent grill masters use only charcoal grills which gives the meat a recognizable flavor. So that we can offer you the full experience, our grilled specialties are served in real Somun bread.

You can order any kind of toppings you like - freshly prepared salad, hand-made sauces and more. If you get thirsty we also offer a large selection of carbonated drinks, juices and beer at affordable prices.

Do not hesitate, see us as soon as you can and try the best barbecue in the city. Take your time to enjoy every bite.

Contact information

Address: 62 Milesevska
Mobile: 064/ 0456 386