Fast food Belgrade

Address: 2 Vladimira Mitrovica st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/2451-253

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Divan Fast food is located at 2 Vladimira Mitrovica street in Vozdovac, Belgrade and is the real place for all those who love high quality food, Halal standards, best flavors and genuine excitement for every bite. One of the best Arabian fast food restaurant created its offer to please the most demanding gourmet flavors.

Thanks to the constant work in advancing the quality of our services as well as the careful selection of ingredients we offer a large selection of pizza, sandwiches, pancakes, coffee and soda at affordable prices.

With the quality of our services we offer the most delicious meals and especially high school students and employees for whom our food is the best choice during the day. What's important to highlight is that Divan Fast Food is one of the rare Arabian fast food restaurants that works respecting the Halal standard.

We offer the following:
1. Pizza
- Margarita mini
- Funghi mini
- Capricciosa mini
- Quattro mini
- Vegetariana mini
- Pepperoni mini
- Tuna mini

2. Sandwiches
- Ham sandwiches
- Prosciutto sandwiches
- Pepperoni sandwiches
- Tuna sandwiches
- Serbian sandwiches
- Omelette sandwiches
- Omelette sandwich with cream
- Omelette sandwich with meat
- Divan sandwich
- Smoked sandwich
- Grilled chicken sandwich
- Smoked salmon sandwich

3) Sweet crepes
- Nutella crepes
- Eurokrem crepes
- Plasma crepes
- Jam crepes

4) Savory crepes
- Cheese crepes
- Ham crepes
- Prosciutto crepes
- Pepperoni crepes
- Divan crepes

5) Giros
- Large giros 400gr
- Breaded chicken
- Sesame chicken

5) Pancerote
- Pancerote margarita
- Pancerote capricciosa
- Pancerote pepperoni
- Pancerote prosciutto

6) Divan meal
- Mini meal
- Meal
- Maxi meal

If you would like to enjoy the true taste of pizza, Divan fast food offers you a huge selection of mini pizza that will delight all the lovers of this Italian cuisine treat. We highlight the delicious and famous pizzas: Capriciosa, Vegeteriana, Quattro pizza and others.

If you prefer crepes Fast food Divan offers a large selection of sweet and savory crepes we'd like to highlight crepes with prosciutto, pepperoni, cheese and cream. For sweet lovers there's sweet crepes with nutella, eurokrem, jam and plasma.

When it comes to sandwiches you can choose some of our standard toppings, ham sandwich, prosciutto sandwich, pepperoni sandwich and many different kinds of salad. You can also choose your favorite combo from the large number of ingredients we offer. We especially highlight hand-made flatbread.

Contact info:
Address: 12 Igmanska street
Phone: 011/ 2451 253

Working hours:
Mon-Sat: 10AM - 11PM
Sun: 5PM - 11PM