Fast food Belgrade

Address: 11 Kralja Petra I st., Kaludjerica
Belgrade Phone: 064/0036-235, 064/0036-230

4.5/ 5stars

Fast food No.1 is located at NN Kralja Aleksandra street in Zvezdara in Djeram market at at 11 Kralja Petra Prvog street in Kaludjerica and in our offer we have a huge selection of high quality prepared food using only the fresh and tested ingredients. Our fastfood restaurant is the right address for all lovers of grill specialties but we also offer various pizzas, sandwiches, sweet and savory pancakes  and more.

The best fast food in the city offers you grill specialties prepared from the highest quality meat in the traditional way:
- Gourmet burger
- Leskovac burger
- Sandwiches
- Grill sausages
- Smoked sausages
- Savory pancakes
- Sweet pancakes

For all real gourmets there is the house specialty the best gourmet grill served in home-baked somun and flatbread. With our Leskovac burger you can combine a large number of toppings like Greek salad, cream and the chaos salad.

In our sandwich offer we'd like to highlight classic ham sandwiches, prosciutto or pepperoni sandwiches with various salads. For all those fasting we have a large selection of lean sandwiches with tuna and mushrooms. No1 Fast Food offers you a large selection of various pizza and sweet and savory crepes.

All the items on our diverse menu and anything barbecued can be had on the spot and also we offer a large selection of soda, beer or water. For all orders over 700rsd we offer the possibility of free delivery to your address.

Working hours:
Mon-Sun: 12AM-12PM