Fast food Belgrade

Address: 26 Ilije Djuricica st., Zarkovo
Belgrade Phone: 011/2392-025, 061/551-55-67

4.5/ 5stars

One of the best fast-food restaurants Fast food Naaaaj Pizza is located in Zarkovo and offers barbecue, various kinds of drinks, different kinds of sandwiches in the local flat bread, sweet and savory crepes and salads at
best prices.

For making grilled meats we use the highest quality, and we offer includes: burgers, kebabs, sausages, kebabs, stuffed chicken, stuffed leg, rolled chicken breast ...

We offer Fast food Naaaj Pizza we have a large number of drinks, such as Margarita, Napolitano, Capriciosa, Vesuvio, Mexicana.

From our selection of sandwiches especially with a ham sandwich, smoked beef, smoked ham or sausage, plus a variety of salads.
Also, you can make your favorite combination of a number of components that we offer. All of our sandwiches are served with homemade, hand-made bun.

Fast food Naaaj pizza offers a wide selection of savory and sweet pancakes. With us you can try the savory pancakes with cream cheese, sausage, smoked ham, cheese and sour cream.

For all lovers of sweets, we offer a wide selection of sweet crepes with Nutella, eurokremom, jam, honey, sugar and nuts. If you enjoy that themselves combine tastes, we offer a wide selection of accessories for sweet pancakes: cherry,
bananas, almonds, walnuts, raisins, peanuts, plasma, and many others.

If you are not in a hurry in your favorite foods can be enjoyed in a pleasant and well-equipped environment of Fast food Naaaj Pizza. All that you can include to your favorite juices, beer and water. Besides teller sales, we offer
provide greater poružbina to your desired address.

If you want a quality stored food in your address birthdays and other celebrations.