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Address: 13 Takovska st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 064/521-5210

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Oridjidji food store and bar is a completely unique concept in our city offers you the chance to enjoy the food made using well-guarded traditional recipes. In our offer we always have a rich selection of high quality and fresh ingredients that allow you to make the perfect meal and enjoy your ideal taste combo. Oridjidji food store & bar is located at 13 Takovska street near the city hall and the city center.

We offer:


The perfect start to any day, additional energy and good mood all packed into our diverse offer of delicious smoothies, in which we highlight:
- Berry
- Exotic
- Double banana
- Cherry
- Yoghurt
- Detox
- Detox 2
- Good morning pear and honey
- Orange and ginger
- Espresso
- Protein
- Plasma biscuit
- Savory smoothie
- Green
- Oridjidji smoothie

Freshly pressed juices

In winter and summer alike, everything that has the word 'fresh' in it always draws attention. Freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juice is the foundation of our Oridjidji food bar

- Orange
- Grapefruit
- Mix
- Oridjidji

Meal salads
If you are counting calories, then one of our salads is the ideal choice for you:

-Caprese salad
- Tuna salad
- Mexico salad
- Caesar salad
- Italiana
- Sesame chicken


The sandwich is almost anyone's favorite quick lunch. Oridjidji food store & bar came from the desire to provide all our fellow citizens with the most uniquely delicious sandwiches.



The most important meal of the day, so it's important that it's balanced. Oridjidji food store & bar offers a large selection of delicious omelete, eggs and hot-dogs for the ideal start of the day

- Omelet
- Eggs with pancetta
- French toast
- Hot-dogs
- Eggs and hot-dogs
- Hot-dog

Sweet pancakes

- Nutella (plasma, cherry, panana, pineapple)
- Eurocream (plasma, banana)
- Kinder
- Mars
- Snickers
- Milka

Savory pancakes:

- Ham, cheese, cream
- Pepperoni, cheese, cream
- Prosciutto, cheese, cream
- Sirloin, cheese, cream


- Espresso
- Espresso with milk
- Nescafe
- Turkish coffee

If you can't come to our bar, we also deliver to your home address at the most affordable prices. 10% of for 799rsd orders.

Contact info:

Address: 13 Takovska street
Mobile phone: 064/ 521 521 0

Working hours:
Mon-Sat: 07AM - 11PM
Sunday: 10AM - 11PM