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Fishing industry Belgrade
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Fish specialties and delivery in Zemun - your fish bar "Gogi". We prepare the most delicious food from the freshest and highest quality fresh and saltwater fish. We offer grilled or fresh fish and also a huge selection of salads and lent-friendly meals with seafood.

Our services include:
- selling fresh saltwater fish
- seafood
- selling fresh freshwater fish
- full slava day preparations
- fish specialties
- preparing lent-friendly beans
- preparing fish chowder
- selling grilled river fish
- lent-friendly meals
- preparing various salads
- river fish
- selling fresh grilled fish
- sea fish

At the fish bar Gogi, our priority lies with quality services and freshest ingredients served by professional staff. We offer a colorful menu with various methods of preparation and sides. We have lent-friendly food for all tastes and we also deliver for all orders above 900rsd. We deliver in New Belgrade, Zemun, Bezanijska kosa, Altina, Galenika and Zemun polje.

You will be delighted by the harmony of flavors of our smoked grilled trout, grilled perch fillet, smoked grilled catfish, catfish chops, sturgeon fillet, river fish sausage and various other delicacies. In terms of sea fish we also have a huge selection like fresh sea bass or sea bass fillets, sea bream fillet, salmon fillet or salmon chops, scorpionfish, mackerel, hake, shrimps, fish or squid sticks and many other delicacies. Of course lunch isn't complete without a salad, so we offer an excellent selection of salads such as vitamin, Serbian, potato salad and others.

In addition to the above we also offer fish roasting services and prepare excellent lent-friendly feasts for celebrations and other events. Your guests will be delighted by the taste and flavor of our excellent fish chowder and other dishes we prepare for you with love and care.