Floor Belgrade

Address: 10 Miloja Milojevica st., Sremcica // 55 Branka Radicevica st., Lazarevac
Belgrade Phone: 011/2527-681, 063/845-4157 // 069/2522-700
E-mail: pionirpromet@gmail.com

4/ 5stars

Our company is engaged in the sale of wooden flooring and supporting materials for both internal and for external space. We are located at two sites: in Žarkovo and in Sremcica. The entire offer, payment option and discounts that we offer are valid in both stores. In addition to flooring we have all kinds of flooring adhesives (one or two-component), varnish for parquet flooring (domestic and foreign producers) and all types of flooring strips and other related materials.

In short our features include:
- Classic praket and Lamen:
1) Beech
2) oak in the first and second class

- Mouldings, Sokle, glue and many types of coatings

- Bamboo flooring and a two-component adhesive

- Laminated flooring imported from Germany and Austria from 7-12mm with a higher number of designs.

- Inputs for laminate

- Under-window molding and dripping edges

We offer discount prices and the possibility of deferred payment, a special discount to the masters. See for yourself.