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Useful information

The name Omladinac (Youth) speaks for itself about how long we've existed and managed to combine tradition and the modern, the youth and experience.

30 years of tradition is a confirmation of successful business and the satisfaction of our customers.

Our name isn't modern or fluttery, but it says a lot - that we have existed for a long time, and yet we're still young. On 14.09.2009 we celebrated our thirtieth birthday and we are very proud because we have become more mature, successful better. We keep pace with the times, but our name does not allow us to age. However, we feel that we owe you a little explanation of why we chose this name. Back in 1979 when he opened a flower shop the owner was the youngest artisan in the municipality of Novi Beograd, so everyone called him youngster (Omladinac). It was a young man with an idea, and the willingness and ability to set an example for other young people of that time. That young man is now a mature man who will carry over his knowledge and experience to some of the new youth.

What we want and what we hope is that this florist exude the spirit of eternal youth and beauty.

We hope you found at least one reason to visit us and make sure everything is exactly what it says, we are waiting.


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