Folk dance ensembles Belgrade

Address: 198 Gandijeva st., // 106 Omladinskih brigada st. // nn Savski kej st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 063/7702-458 (informacije)
Fax: 011/2156-293
E-mail: talija@talija.rs
Website: www.talija.rs

4.5/ 5stars

ART CENTER "Thalia" was founded in 1998 in Belgrade.
Extremely good players, seasoned by many world stages, have launched a new youth, and then immediately come to life and the children's ensemble of folk dances and folk orchestra. Performing high quality and excellent choice program soon launch an avalanche of tours and concerts. Serbian peasant shoes of our ensemble are not caused long admiration and then a standing ovation on 5 continents, 85 tours for 15 years.

Today ART CENTER "TALIJA" has about 300 members in:

- Youth Ensemble
- Older children's ensemble
- Younger children's ensemble
- Initial ensemble
- Youth folk orchestra and children's folk orchestra.

Strong competition and a large number of tours that appeal to new and encourage the better operation of the existing members of the main reasons for the constant growth of quality, both in youth and in the accompanying ensembles. Authentic folk costume was procured in part on the ground or sutured true to the original. With his work worthy mothers and grandmothers of our members as well as trade people constantly maintain and update our rich treasury of folk costumes.

It should be noted that ART CENTER "TALIJA" held every year over 400 concerts.

The ensemble has a quality sound system that still carries that facilitates the work of the organizers. It should be noted adaptability of players and program conditions. This is the main reason why our ensemble performs all the programs on the cruise ships that pass through our country! UC Talia is this approach to work, has confirmed that the security and ambassador of our traditional arts.

With ensembles work:

Nikolic Milan Nikolic and Lydia, assistants (Youth Ensemble)
Stefan Blagojevic, Assistant (older children ensemble)
Ivana Marusic (initial children's ensemble)
Peric Arsenije and Miroljub Todorovic-Jimmy (National Children's Orchestra)
Peric Arsenije and Miroljub Todorovic-Jimmy (National Youth Orchestra)
Pantelic Dragan, art director ensembles