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HEALTH STORE AND COUNCELING We live unhealthy. We eat unhealthy. That is the fact of our time! Decide whether the food will be your poison or your cure! We are inviting you to NUTRICIA! To find out something more about how to eat healthier! We will help you make the best decision!
CEREALS AND LEGUMES: wheat, millet, buckwheat, grain, oat, corn, integral rice, soya, chick pea, leblebia, red mungo bean. INTEGRAL FLOUR: from the mentioned cereals PASTRY: from integral wheat, buckwheat, soya and corn flour REAL HOMEMADE BREAD: from integral wheat, grain flour, without yeast MACROBIOTIC COOKIES AND CAKES: from integral flour, without sugar (sweetened with malt), without eggs, with addition of dry fruits, nut fruits, herbal fats, seeds SEEDS: sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, line etc. NUT FRUITS: walnuts, hazelnuts, almond, peanut, pistachio DRY FRUIT: apples, plumbs, figs, peers, grape, appricot UNREFINED (BROWN) SUGAR MACROBIOTIC SWEETENERS: malt
HONEY AND HONEY PRODUCTS TEE, MEDICAL HERBS, TINCTURES AND CREAMES FROM MEDICAL HERBS DOMESTIC APPLE VINEGAR FROM WILD APPLES VEGETABLE JUICES WITHOUT ADDITIVES: beet, carrot, cocktail VEGETENARIAN BUTTERS AND PATES SOYA PRODUCTS: tofu (soya cheese), bits, flakes, soya burgers, sausages, salami MUSHROOMS: dry mushrooms, beeches MACROBIOTIC PRODUCTS: alva, rice miso, umeboshi plumbs, kuzu, lotus dust, tamari, bancha, cookiecha and mu tee, gomassio etc. NUTRITION ADDITIVES: spices, vitamins, sweeteners, sea salt, beer yeast SPECIAL PRODUCTS: dietician meals and fat weight reduction meals BOOKS, BROCHURES, INFORMATION, EXPERT ADVICE
Wholesale NUTRICIA Visnjicka 112 Phone: 011/2083-410 063/223-912 063/223-913 Working hours: workdays 08 - 20 h Saturday and Sunday: 08 - 14 h