Foreign languages schools Belgrade

Address: 4 Stanislava Sremcevica st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 064/2353-473

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Caput Mundi is a language school in which we organize:
- English courses for children and adults
- Spanish courses for children and adults
- Italian courses for children and adults
- French courses for children and adults
- German courses for children and adults
- Swedish language courses for adults

Programme for all courses is based on the world's leading international publishers of textbooks, such as Cambridge, Oxford, Hueber, Alma Edizioni, etc., and monitors the levels prescribed by the Common European Framework (CEFR). Groups in which teaching takes place include between 2 and 7 students, which allows focus on the needs of each student and results in high efficiency in raising the level of communication skills.

Modern methods are primarily communicative and inductive and supported the use of audio and video equipment. Classes are held in a pleasant, very warm and personalized atmosphere. After completion of each course and passing the final exam, students receive a certificate.

Our teachers are young, creative and communicative philologists, armed with patience, who work with lots of love this job and strive to make each class interesting and dynamic in order to impress the knowledge to the students' memory and speed up the adoption of the matter.

Language courses for children

Children's courses are adapted to children's interests and children's learning model and adoption records and are aimed primarily not to teach your children the confusing grammatical rules, but to create an internal sense of language, similar to what we have when we speak our native tongue. Of course, a lot of attention is paid to the fact that children need to learn to write, read, make analogies, and connect. Classes are held in an interesting and dynamic way, accompanied by singing, dancing, acting, all aimed at children to love language and learn that it is no bogeyman, but something familiar and natural.

Survivor courses

We are proud that we are the first school in Belgrade, which was conceived and organized this type of course. Survivor courses are designed for adults with no prior knowledge, lasting five weeks and involve 10 double classes (90 min). Based solely on the communicative method, and aim to enable students to understand and communicate in typical situations which can be found as travelers-tourists, namely in a hotel, at the station, at a restaurant in the store ...

Courses for adults

We organize regular and conversational courses for adult learners, a test for determining the level of work in our school, free of charge and without obligation to enroll in the course.

We organize preparatory classes for the acquisition of FCE, CAE, CPE, DELE, CILS, CELI certificates and entrance examination for the Italian and English.


For second enrolled family member 10% off, third 20%, 30% for the fourth and so on.

33% discount for group registrations (3 or more participants on the same course)

10% discount for advance payment of the total cost of the course