Foreign languages schools Belgrade

Address: 187v/5 Dragoslava Srejovica st., Karaburma
Belgrade Phone: 011/2786-819, 060/0901-317
E-mail: office@felicity.edu.rs
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What we do? We organize English lessons for all ages and levels. Our main goal is to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits necessary for successful communication with people of different cultural backgrounds and competent action in a foreign language. We offer our students regular conversational courses, preparation for taking the international exams, as well as individual lessons, from the outset by encouraging active communication in English. The method and the characteristics of our work is based on the following principles:
• program for each course is in line with the levels and the recommendations of the Common European Framework for teaching and learning of foreign languages of the Council of Europe (CEF)
• teaching is based on humanistic education, which takes into account the whole person and the individual needs of students, and intercultural and communicative approach to language learning, which focuses on the active use of knowledge and awareness of communicative competence
• work in small groups of 6 to 8 students, and often less
• application of modern methods of teaching
• engaging content and activities with the appropriate material relevant to specific target groups and their needs
• use of modern literature of renowned publishers customized course type, age and profile of participants (which you can buy through us), and the use of audio, video and computer equipment
• work in a pleasant and spacious surroundings, suitable for both children and adults
• continuously monitor the progress of each student
• highly creative and dynamic teaching tailored to all age groups performed by graduate philologists, highly motivated, young and professional English language teachers
• upon completion of the course students receive a certificate in Serbian and English with a European label Classes for Children Programs for our youngest students of preschool age (5 to 6 years), especially designed for children's first contact with the English language. They are based on appropriate pedagogical methods, and play. In a friendly atmosphere filled with confidence through singing, drawing, acting and creative work to motivate children to love the English language. Children acquire basic language structures and vocabulary adaptable to their needs through a variety of communicative activities. Classes for primary school follows the physical and mental and linguistic development of children and adapted to the class that the student attends. The programs are extremely appealing and educational, and threads to handle classes are varied and interesting. This allows all children to learn through interesting activities for their age and contributes to the development of independence is extremely important in learning. We also try to encourage reflection on learning and advancing their own interest. The idea is that learning from preschool, through elementary and secondary school students aged 15 to 17 years reached the level of Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE), a level that is often required for employment and to continue to use independent language learning. Students can still continue with the courses, primarily preparation for CAE and CPE, which represent the development of English language proficiency. Thanks to the carefully thought-out programs, children can certainly start learning at any age and regardless of whether they have prior knowledge. Since the intermediate level (B1) are organized and conversational courses, suitable for the Fire and activate passive knowledge of the participants. Classes for adults In addition to regular courses at all levels, adults and conversational courses we offer, for all who want to activate and refresh their working knowledge. Conversational courses are particularly appealing to those who do not have too much free time to deal with its own language. It is necessary to test before the start of classes in order to determine the exact level of participants' knowledge and to define specific needs and adaptation needs of specific groups of course. Testing is free and no obligation to subscribe. Discounts: • for the second enrolled child or family member 10% discount on full price of the course • for the third enrolled child or family member 20% discount on full price of the course • Students 10% discount on the total cost of the course if they do not meet any of the above cases • to pay the total cost of the course at a time 10% discount on full price of the course