Foreign languages schools Belgrade

Address: 6 Mica Radakovica st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/2618-177, 064/4001-009
Website: www.englishcentar.rs

4/ 5stars

English Centar is a language school that offers the following services:

  • Preparation for KET, PET, FCE, CPE, CAE, IELTS,TOEFL
  • English course for children and grown-ups
  • English course for school and pre-school children
  • Individual English lessons
  • English course based on conversation
  • Small groups (up to five people)
  • Native speakers as lecturers
  • English teachers holders of CELTA certificate
  • Language courses for companies
  • Translation

English Centar is a language school which offers its students an effective way of learning languages, based on conversation. Due to various studying materials as well as modern ways of teaching, studying in our school is a real enjoyment for our students. Our  English teachers are holders of CELTA certificate which implies teaching on the newest CAMBRIDGE method. After the course our students get the certificate according to Common European Frame. Apart from the courses of general English, there are preparation courses for KET, PET, FCE, CPE, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL aimed to prepare our students to get the highest marks. Moreover, we organise language courses for companies, because they are important when it comes to working with foreign associates. Additionally, we do  translations in effective and quick way.