Foreign languages schools Belgrade

Address: 1/4 Jovana Rajica st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 065/268-0023

4.5/ 5stars

“Mali radoznalac” studio is a place intended for preschool aged children (2.5-6 years old) where they can express themselves creatively and enjoy games that promote development.

Half-day stay

Everyworkday from 9AM to 1PM where the package can be used within two month.

Our program includes activities that help develop various skills and abilities, from practical to linguistic, logistic, musical and creative. We utilize methods from the Montessori method where the educator doesn’t teach but rather guide and present, thereby encouraging the child to engage in activities and help their own development.

From birth to around 6 years of age, the child learns through the ‘absorbing mind’, as Dr Maria Montessori called it. In its early development the child is like a sponge, directly influenced by its environment.

The individual needs of the child are put first, as well as the fact that every child has its own tempo of work and studying. We develop abilities and skills, rather than mechanical learning. Therefore we feel that the process of learning has a developmental influence on the child, rather than its results.

Through activities included in our program, the children additionally develop concentration and attention, learn patience and tolerance.

With us your child will have the opportunity to develop through play, build independence, express its creativity and stay in a pleasant atmosphere where it can also learn from other children, help them, be compassionate, laugh, discover and respect others and the world around it.

English language for children aged 3-10.

Lessons take place in the afternoon on workdays.

We work in small, age-based groups where children adopt the language through song, dance, motion and acting in an encouraging and cheerful atmosphere.

We place emphasis on active learning which employs all senses, encourages creativity and imagination and develops social skills.

We nurture individuality and acknowledge the personal traits of every child individually, giving them the chance to learn and assimilate the lessons at their own pace.

Weekend creative workshops.

From 10AM – 12PM on Saturdays and Sundays

You’ve probably had moments where you wanted to take care of something outside your home but didn’t have anyone to watch your child. Seeing how we are located in the Red cross you can easily reach us. In our art workshop the child can stay in a pleasant and creative atmosphere with its peers. We play, imagine, paint, sculpt, create art and have lots of fun. Your little ones can spend quality time with us and learn something along the way. You must announce your visit by 6pm Friday.

We celebrate birthdays

On weekends at any time convenient for you. Duration: 2.5hrs.

We organize unusual, inspirational, exciting birthdays for your little ones. With our creative team, encouraging atmosphere and beautiful interiors we will make sure that all the guests have a great adventure.

We are suitable for celebrating smaller birthdays for up to 10 children + parents of the birthday boy or girl.

The price includes drinks for children and adults, one-use eating utensils, animators and expendable materials for all activities.