Galleries Belgrade

Address: 19 Kosancicev venac st., Stari Grad
Belgrade Phone: (Tel/Fax): 011/2634-043

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Company''RAM'' led by family Vuksa has been for over a decade developing and perfecting art equipment and meets the needs of a large number of artists and owners of their works. We follow and implement the global development of technology of the groundwork, frames and framing methods. We offer a large selection of moldings most European manufacturers, high quality material, durable paints and varnishes. We offer manufacturing, processing and finishing frames and adjusting their desires of patrons, and the character of the environment in which the artwork will be exhibited. Our frame does not change the nature of the picture, it contributes to its dignity, enrich the area in which it is located, is a beautiful, durable and functional ... If desired, customers arrive in a private or official environments and on-site installation and resolve the issue of equipment depending on the image space, furniture, dimension, and light. Our gallery features art works of famous authors, oil paintings, watercolors, pastels, graphics, icons, sculptures and other works of high artistic value. We have fitted many works of art institutions, institutions, banks, hotels and hundreds of residential buildings and dwellings.
Warehouse has a number of artistic works that are in constant supply. Oil paintings, watercolors, pastels, graphics, icons, sculptures and other works of high artistic value can be found on this page or visit us in person and have a great time with maximum politeness of our staff. Through us you can get by certain images that are not provided. For information on offer please contact us.
Workshop''RAM''is located in one of the oldest and most beautiful parts of the city, in Kosancicev wreath No.19. In the end it is also the Academy of Applied Arts, University of Arts and alone workshop''RAM''shares the building with the oldest retail gallery of ULUS (Association of Fine Artists of Serbia), and artist studios.