Galleries Belgrade

Address: Makenzijeva nn, TC Gradic Pejton, Vracar
Belgrade Phone: Tel./Fax: 011/245-01-59
E-mail: zikaslika@ptt.rs
Website: www.zikaslika.rs

4/ 5stars

Photographic studio ZIKA SLIKA was founded in 1982, in Vracar as the first craft center "Peyton Place".
A long tradition of 27 years justifies the quality and high level of service and your trust. We are able to meet all your requirements both in analog and in digital technologies. The studio is equipped with the latest digital technology FUJI FRONTIER to create color and black and white photographs.
In their rich variety we offer prints in all formats, the document prints, scanning facilities, and burning with different media, scanning slides, Laika slides, negatives, 4x6 format, scan, X-rays, photographs meter format and framing or transfer to CD / DVD of the same. Record all kinds of material from VHS to DVD.
We also offer on-site shooting interiors, exteriors, buildings, painting fashion events, studio painting, as well as the processing of your old photographs. In addition, for years, along with you, do your weddings, celebrations, christenings, sporting events and other important moments for you.