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Address: 4 Strosmajerova st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 064/422-3045, 011/210-3666
E-mail: info@loren-gas.com
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Gas technologies and heat in Belgrade, Loren Gas owns and sells a huge selection of gas-related products in Belgrade and Serbia. We are a serious and organized company that is at the disposal of her clients throughout the year.

We offer the following services:

- Selling gas grills
- Selling camping supplies
- Selling lamps, lighting, heaters
- Selling gas heaters
- Selling callorifiers
- Selling gas heating mushrooms
- Selling cauldron burners
- Cauldrons
- Selling miniature stoves (combination electricty and gas)
- Selling gas tank equipment
- Spare parts
- Heat installation
- Floor heating boilers
- Central heating boilers

We represent the only company in Belgrade that offers full gas equipment. In addition to the broad and complete assortment of our gas products we would like to highlight the excellent Vaillant company which is one of the leading global manufacturers for heating, cooling and air-conditioning equipment.

Our product program includes:
- Highly efficient condensation gas cauldrons
- Solar systems
- Heat pumps
- Electric heating boilers
- Electric sanitary water boilers
- Electric radiators
- Air-conditioning

We offer you a huge selection of various gas-powered grills in all sizes and for all intentions. Semi-professional and professional grills great for home use, restaurants, butcheries, fast foods. They are made out of INOX, stainless cast iron and prochrome.

We offer serveral kinds of lamps (80W - 200W), lighting, heat panels, heaters. We can mount the bottles of 2 and 3kg and use cartriges of 190g as fuel. Several kinds of heaters and stoves can be used either as primary or secondary heating for any area in your home or at work.

For coffee shops and restaurants we also offers calorifiers and gas heat mushrooms. Boilers are usually used for cooking, melting fat, cooking brandy and peppers. We also offer miniature stoves.

As for additional equipment in addition to bottles, pressure regulators and hoses we also offer various filters for large and small bottles, various adapters, prongs, lamp glass, burners for stoves and much more.

Contact info:
Address: 4 Strosmajerova street, Zemun, Belgrade
Phone: 011/ 2103666
Mobile phone: 064/ 422-3045

GAS is once again the best choice when it comes to heating!

Working hours:
Mon-Fri: 9AM - 6PM
Sat: 9AM - 3PM

If you are unable to come to us and personally pick up the products the company Loren gas offers you the possibility of delivering products with our vehicles or through courier services.

Gas equipment - Loren Gas technology, 4 Strosmajerova street, Zemun, Belgrade.