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BGA GEOMETER is a surveying agency founded in 2013 in Belgrade. Our team consists of young professionals who have a wide range of expertise and skills.

In the short time since its inception, BGA GEOMETER has worked with a huge number of satisfied customers primarily due to our commitment to providing quality and efficient services. Always working to meet the customers and to fulfill their requirements in the best possible way. All surveying operations are carried out under license from the Republic Geodetic Authority.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. Our vision is to offer innovative and quality services in the field of geodesy.


- The legalization of illegally constructed buildings

- Geodetic survey

Geodetic survey is a graphical representation of the actual situation on the ground, the position and shape of objects, infrastructure, topography and their relationships. Geodetic survey usually involving a play field height, which can display elevations and contours.

-Mapping facilities

Geodetic surveying is essential when the object is not registered in the cadastre of immovable property, and the owner wishes to obtain an occupancy permit to the property is registered, conduct a legalization procedure or proof of ownership for the purposes of sale, inheritance, leasing, mortgages and the like.

- delimitation

Delimitation - Setitng / restoring the parcel boundary points that define the limits of the field plots. Limit the plot represents an imaginary line between two points with known coordinates. The aim of restoration of borders of cadastral plots is to determine the ownership of the ground.

- Land allotment

Land allotment is a procedure that is performed division of the surface and shape the plot in the cadastre of real estate. Mainly one cadastral parcels divided into more than one or more connected into one.

- Development of cadastre and topographic plans

Before starting the design of the facility or project development division in the development of mandatory cadastral topographic plan which will unfold designing interventions. This design avoids the incorrect or outdated and insufficiently detailed cadastral maps, as well as the subsequent problems in obtaining the occupancy permit or certificate project of allotment. Cadastre and topographic plan includes positioning and high altitude terrain, the position of all the facilities and infrastructure, as well as the official borders of cadastral parcels.

- Making topographical plan

Topographic plan is also a graphical representation of the terrain with elevations or without, only unlike the cadastre topographical plan does not contain the required image plot boundaries and not to sign by the Republic Geodetic Authority.

- Specification of specific parts of the building

The specification of the special parts of the building is the process of establishing true ownership of a particular part of the building ie. the housing unit and its related parts. If you own an apartment in a building that is not apportioned, you are actually the owner of the undefined part of the building.

Surveying - construction

Construction is one of the largest industries in the world. Geodetic works have always played a major role in every construction project. BGA GEOMETAR provides key works in the construction process and supports projects from initial earthworks to final completion.

- Calculating cubage

A common problem that investors face is the inability to control the amount of excavated material removed from the site or materials consumed for the filling. If you perform surveying twice (before and after work) it is possible to calculate the difference in the cubic content and thereby prevent abuses in terms of quantity.

- Marking Facility

Labelling represents a set of markings and directions that define the positions and levels of elements in the building, so that the works during construction can rely on them. Under the terms of the location permit on the basis of project documentation geodetic expert in the field marked: the building line, regulation line, counts all foundations, height levels, axles, in order to meet all the given conditions. The number of times a team will Geodetic mark the shaft at the facility depends on the investors, the supervisory authority and the contractor.

- Control of the foundation

After building the foundation a control check is carried out for the foundations, we make sketches and records, which are a mandatory part of the technical documentation on the site, as well as a mandatory part of the technical documentation in the process of obtaining occupancy permit. Control of the foundation is carried out in terms of the position, the geometry and height. This confirmation is sent to the municipality or city (depending on who issued the building permit), which then issued a final confirmation of the correctness of the set object.

- Monitoring the settlement of the building

Over time, it is necessary to periodically check the settlement of the building, so you can always re-measure the altitude angle of the built-in benchmarks. Comparing the results are calculated displacements and deformations that occur during the construction or operation of the object works.

Also, if you build a building in the city center, with a wide excavation or in areas prone to landslide, to monitor the settlement of neighboring units. It is very important for safety reasons (as well as due to bad neighbors) to make sure that your work influence to neighboring buildings shrug, too, and that you are confident that the settlement if he was arrested.

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