GPS Belgrade

Address: 12 Tosin Bunar st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/3166-393, 063/400-538, 061/2222-565

4/ 5stars

New and improved ZEMUN service offers servicing of all types of mobile phones, laptop and tablet computers, GPS navigation systems older and newer generations with a guarantee for every service.

During servicing we provide all the required spare parts and install them in the shortest possible time.

We also sell all the neccessary additions and equipment for all kinds of phones, computers and GPS navigation systems such as:

- Memory cards, memories, chargers, car chargers, adapters, masks, armor, keypads, cases, silicone, PVC protection, usb cables, mp3 devices, memory readers, FM transmitters, mouses, joysticks, remote controls, car holders, fleets, touchscreens, displays ,pannels, wifi adapters and much more.

- Mobile phone batteries, batteries for GPS systems and other chargeable batteries.

- Landline and wireless phones.

Swiftly and efficiently we decode your phones, install software, maps and OS, replace fleet cables, touchscreen, LCDs, connectors, install language menues and remove various software and hardware malfunctions in phones and GPS systems as well as computers.

Working hours:

9AM - 6PM on workdays

9AM - 3PM on Saturdays

Location: find us at 12 Tosin Bunar street in Zemun (bus station 18, 45 and 78)