Graphic production, design Belgrade

Address: 44 Kumodraska st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/397-2004, 063/294-302, 064/112-8843, 065/397-2004

4.5/ 5stars
Printing house BAST was founded in 1989 in Belgrade as a craft workshop for production and services regarding graphics. In time we've expanded our capacities and have grown into a printing house which possesses technical ability to meet any demand in the domain of offset and type printing as well as completion.

We print: - books, -magazines and newspaper, -catalogues, -fliers and pamphlets, -business cards, -all kinds of invitations, -calendars, -files, -and ANYTHING YOU DESIRE

RYOBI 640K professional offset machine prints in C2 format. Max paper 660x480, min. paper 350x250mm. Max. imprint 650x450mm. Paper thickness ranges from 50gr to 500gr.

ROTAPRINT R37K offset machine prints in C3 format. Max. paper 495x370mm, min. paper 150x100mm, max. imprint 450x330mm. Paper thickness from 50gr to 350gr.

SCHNEIDER senator 106 graphic knife for cutting paper, 106cm slot.

HEIDELBERT GT Tipo machine, Max paper 450x350mm, min. paper 150x100mm. Max imprint 450x330mm. All kinds of paper and carton.

Printing house BAST has its own offices located in Vozdovac, two stops from Dusanovac via bus line 25 and Autokomanda via bus lines 18 and 39.