Graphic services Belgrade

Address: Vidikovac
Belgrade Phone: 064/119-30-38

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Graphics studio Forsage deals in three fields:

1) Design and production of board games in our own original designs

2) Production of photo albums and related assortments

3) Graphics related services

Board games
So far in Serbia we've published over 50 original board games. Some were made by other publishers (Grafopapir, Beoplast, Ponte Roso, Brimako...) but the rest were designed by us. We continuously make new games. Recently the quality of our production has been updated to match European standards. You can browse and order all our games on our website:

Photo Albums

We also produce photo albums of all formats and sizes: 9x13, 10x15, 13x18 for 20, 40, 60 and up to 300 photos. In our offer we have both hardcover and paperback albums as well as luxury versions.

We also produce photo files and scrapbooks, useful for various occasions (school and kindergarten photos, weddings...). We will print your logo an all items free of charge and deliver them to your adress. For more details, please see our Facebook profile: Foto Albumi Forsaž

Graphics related services

Design, printing preparation, gold inlay printing.