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Dynamic Pilates & Fitness studio was set up as a studio for fitness pilates and yoga.
Pilates method consists of elements of yoga, dance and gymnastics. Pilates method also includes over 500 original exercises that are done in the background, with the help of specially designed equipment or machinery. The advantages of this method of practice is reflected in equilibrium in which the lead body. Pilates exercises influence on correcting weaknesses and asymmetries of the body.
By practicing Pilates can dramatically change the look, feel and durability of his body. The body is formed in a completely different way that does not involve aggressive and strenuous exercises and balance all the muscle groups in a comprehensive manner. It consists of the light and the controlled movement. Body exercise as a whole there is no isolating muscle groups. In Pilates exercises are a lot of forces and taken to the flexibility and endurance of muscles and the whole body, and special attention is paid to the muscles of the abdomen and back.

The Dynamic Pilates method of exercise preference is given to exercises performed on a mat with the use of props. Tends towards that every training so that more diverse, more complete and more efficient with the help, small equipment
Individual approach to every client is a basic rule in the Pilates exercise method. Rule prescribed by internacinalnih Pilates institutions speaks to individual training or work in small groups allows practitioners a higher concentration, control and precision of movement when performing exercises that are compatible with their physical abilities, constitution and physical condition. So to achieve better results in a shorter period of time than when practicing in a large group fitness programs.

Graduate training leading fitness trainer and certified Pilates trainer

Each class consists of exercises extension and flexion of the spine to strengthen the back muscles, stretching and strengthening the deep muscles of the trunk and pelvis, and leg muscles, inversion and torsion and ends with relaxation exercises.

During class encourages the practice jogičkog breathing. The instructor demonstrates all the positions, but the precise istrukcijama concerning ways occupation, retention and exit positions, as well as the manner of breathing, encourages practitioners to "inside" feel the position and bring them in line with their individual flexibility and strength.

As well as for greater safety in the classroom, thus practitioners familiar with your body, developing presence and a sense of the present moment, which has the effect of calming the mind and release tension.
Enough to practice yoga 2-3 times a week in the classroom or at home to visibly improve health at all levels. But after a few weeks of regular exercise, you can feel the effects as weight leaves the body, heart and mind and ease comes in its place.

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