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Address: 4 Sokolska st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 061/6848-008, 061/221-7572

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We offer group trainings in: Pilates, Yoga, corrective gymnastics for adults and children. We also offer individual programs for: weight loss, body shaping and body mass conditioning. Terms are open 7 days a week, in the afternoon and evening. All trainings take place in groups of 2-6 participants which makes it easier to take an individualized approach.

Pilates significantly improves the appearance, tonus and strenght of your muscles. The exercises aren't aggressive and the focus is on the belly and back regions. We pay special attention to endurance and flexibility of the whole body.

Yoga is recommended for everone, regardless of their physical shape or age. We especially highlight yoga for pregnant women. Yoga reduces stress and improves brain functions, lowers blood pressure and reduces chronic pain in the back and neck, lowers blood sugar levels, strengthens the bones, reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases and much more.

Corrective gymnastics involves a serious program of corrective exercises for kyphosis, lordosis and scoliosis, flat feet.

Exercises for strengthening back and abdomen musculature, stretching and strengthening exercises in a corrected position, breathing exercises, isometric exercises.All the exercises are done with or without a corset as well as using a multitude of props.

The exercises are adjusted to the needs of every individual (who comes to us with a physiatrician or orthopedist's diagnosis), we monitor progress and offer the possibility of working individually or in groups.

Body shaping and correcting weight mass include a particular program of individual training followed by a specific regiment of nutrition with consultation and advice from a certified coach and nutritionist. The goal of this type of program is to achieve a health and appearance balance. Everyone take their own pace at getting to know their body and moving their own limits. Success is guaranteed with regular and proper training.

Get more information about training and prices at: 061/6848-008 & 061/221-7572

First training is free of charge.

Training prices:
Adults and children up to 13 years old
4,000rsd for 12 trainings per month.

Children between 5-12 years old
3,200 for 12 trainings per month.

Personal training price per month
12*60min for 15,900rsd

Corrective gymnastics and body shaping.

Adults: 12 terms * 60mins for 6,000rsd
Children 8 terms * 60mins 4,000rsd

What we'd like to higlight as an especially popular and interesting exercise is parent-child training. This is an individual type training recommended twice per week and the price of a 60 minute term is 1,200rsd. Monthly membership consisting of 8 trainings of 60mins costs 8,400rsd.