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X-team training center is neither a gym nor a fitness center. What makes us tick is not only the training, equipment and location, but also the energy of the people who come, different programs that create challenges in which we participate, the changes that we make

In the space of 150 m², in an easily accessible place from all parts of the city, with its parking and excellent conditions for recreation, open x team training center. This is the capital city of x team concept and training. Located at 9 vertebra, Novi Beograd (within the object dfvr "partisan-Zemun"), in addition to the municipality of Zemun.

The most common is functional training program - Crossfire
Crossfire is a program of general physical preparation, which method circular exercise (without or with small breaks) to efficiently develop all physical abilities: strength, speed, stamina, coordination, endurance, balance, flexibility, strength, agility and precision. It was created based on the popular crossfit, HIIT training and insanity, and designed by experts, in order to give the best results ie. Quickly raise general physical form.

Maximum 30 min of the main exercise makes training quick and easy job!
Recording the results of each training track of each student's progress!
Functional movement training improves efficiency in any sport and lifestyle. Effective use of the body in any effort, it is essential for a long and functional life. Punching own results will make you more confident. Each training session is logged and the next time we win!

Team spirit simultaneous exercise of the group and our positive energy raises the level of motivation and your capabilities

Although there are no age limits, this program is best demonstrated in the population 15-50 years of age, to active and former sportistiima, but also to those who have never been physically active. At the training, participants may be different levels of readiness, training, everybody will work within its limits (which would be the day to be growing).

The exercises usually involve a combination of motion in multiple joints, and can work with props (Russian bell, weights, ropes, weights, boxes assaults, medicine balls, balance boards ....) And no props (sit-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, jumping, squatting ... )

Exercises are performed from many different time intervals in order to stimulate hit all the energy systems that our body possesses. Eg. 30 seconds of exercise for 10 seconds rest, so 6 exercises so times 3 rounds. Pr. 2 is a 20-minute exercise 3 of 10 reps which are calculated as a circle, where we close as many rounds until the end of time.

There are many different training and exercises, our goal is to never advance you do not know the training that will be set. In this way, killing routine, and our body is always getting new tasks and challenges that will make him stronger, faster and healthier.



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