Gynecology Belgrade

Address: 21 Brace Jugovica st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/3222-862, 069/3222-862

4.5/ 5stars

City Medica gynecological medical office was founded in 2015.

We are located at 21 Brace Jugovic street in the center of the city in Stari Grad. We offer you full services of prevention, diagnostics and therapy from the area of gynecology and obstetrics, ultrasound diagnostics, monitoring pregnancy and consulting regarding family planning and fertility problems.

In the pleasant and modernly furnished ambiance of our medical office you will be met with kind and professional staff who are always there for every patient.

The founder of the agency City Medica is Dr. Vlado Pasovski and all diagnostic methods at our office are done using the latest generation technology.

Our specialist gynecological medical office City Medica offers you the following services:

- Full gynecological services
- Ultrasound diagnostics
- 3D and 4D diagnostics
- Monitoring pregnancy
- Consultation regarding family planning
- Consultation regarding fertility problems

For all other types of gynecological examination at our office our team of expert doctors, specialized in gynecology and obstetrics with their vast knowledge and years of clinical experience are at your disposal. We also work with many expert associates such as Dr. Zoran Nikolic from Loznica.

In addition to examination at our City Medica gynecology office you can also have all the laboratory analysis at affordable prices with maximum comfort for the patient.

Also, our office offers all the pregnant patients checkups throughout their pregnancy.

Working hours;
Mon-Fri: 9AM - 5PM
Sat: per agreement

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