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Gynecology Belgrade

Working hours

Monday 11:00 - 19:00
Tuesday 11:00 - 19:00
Wednesday 11:00 - 19:00
Thursday 11:00 - 19:00
Friday 11:00 - 19:00
Saturday We are closed
Sunday We are closed

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Useful information

Come to us fear-free, get treatment pain-free and leave satisfied. At our pleasant ambiance our kind and professional staff utilizes the latest modern equipment such as laser technologies, radiowaves, video-colpscope, ultrasound and CTG in order to provide swift and precise diagnostics, pain-free, efficient therapy for condyle, sores, polyp, ultrasound diagnostics of gynecological conditions and breast diseases as well as the most modern approach when it comes to testing sterility, monitoring pregnancies and treating menopause problems.

What sets us apart from others:
-Pap test results within an hour
-Photographic documentation with video-colposcopy examination
-Microbiological analysis – swift, reliable and affordable
-HPV typology
-Complete laboratory analysis (blood test, markers, hormones) done by our field laboratory – results can be ready within the day.

- Biopsy (taking sample)
- Excision (laser removal of growth)
- Condyle treatment
- Ectopy (sores)
- Lacerations
- Fibroma
- Polyps
- Other kinds of growth

- Intervention controlled by a digital camera (25x magnified)
- Photographing changes before and after the CTG treatment
-Videos of your baby’s heartbeat and uterus contractions


- Pregnancy control 4D with ultrasound machine (ultrasound video of your baby on a CD)
- Breast
- Gynecology
- Congenital anomalies
- Testing sterility (foliculometry)
- Menopause condition diagnostics
(Field) Laboratory
-Microbiological swabs
-HPV typology
-Blood analysis (blood test, biochemistry, markers, hormones...)

- Contraception
- Pregnancy
- Menopause

*Price list for our services*
1. 4d ultrasound – 3,000rsd *original price 6000rsd
2. PA swab + full microbiology for the vagina and the cervix, results in 48hrs – 3,500rsd (original price 7,000rsd)
3. Ultrasound breast examination and gynecology ultrasound (vaginal probe) + bimanual examination 3,500 (original price 6,500rsd)
4. Laser vaporisation of lesser condyles 4,000rsd (original price 10,000rsd(
5. Full gynecological examination (colposcopy, PA and VS, ultrasound vaginal probe examination, bimanual examination 2,450rsd (original price 7,000rsd)
6. Ultrasound examination for pregnant women using a vaginal probe up to 16GN 1,800rsd (original price 3,500)
7. Dabl test + ultrasound examination for pregnant women using a vaginal probe 4,000rsd (original price 6,300)
8. Triple test + ultrasound examination for pregnant women using a vaginal probe 5,000rsd (original price 7,200)
9. Vaginal secretion (cytological), vaginal swab (microbiological) + PA swab 1,500rsd (original price 2,700)
10. Gynecological examination and ultrasound examination using a vaginal probe 1,200rsd (original price 5,000)


FILIA Gynecology Beograd
FILIA Gynecology Beograd
FILIA Gynecology Beograd