Gynecology Belgrade

Address: 95/4 Bulevar kralja Aleksandra st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/24-03-246, 063/839-82-09

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Come without fear- be cured without pain-go out satisfied. In lovely atmosphere, kind personel skilled in helping you using the most modern equipment like laser,radio-vawes,videocolposcop,ultrasound and CTG, care quick and precision diagnostique, painless and efficient therapy of condilomes,cuttes,polips,ultrasound diagnostic of ginecplogical sickness and of breasts, like the most modern aproach in questionin g of sterilite, cary of pregnancy and treatman of problem in pause of menstruation.

We are special from:
-PAPA result in one our
-Photodocumentation with videocolposcop summary
-IN video of your child in size of movie capture on cd
-Microbiological analyses: quick, carry and on a good prizes.
-HPV tipization Complete labaratory analyzes (blood testing,markers,hormones)which do labaratory in patronage
-results in that day RADIO VAWES
-biopsy (carry of add)
-exscizy (cut of grown) LASER
-ectopias (hacks)
-laceraces (cuts)

-intervantion on control of digital camera (25x accumulation)
-photography of change, before and after treatman CTG
-video of strinking of heart your baby , like contraction of womb ULTRASOUND
-diagnostic of birth anomalie
-questioning of sterility (foliculometre)
-control of pregnancy (movie video of your baby on CD)
-diagnostic of states in menopauza

-microbiological examples
-HPV tipisation
-analyzes of blood (blood picture,biochemic,markers,chormones…)