Hairdressers Belgrade

Address: 45a Dragice Koncar st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 065/224-1214 (frizerski deo), 063/606-908 (kozmetički deo)

4/ 5stars

Andrea hair-styling salon offers very affordable services that will make your day. You can arrange your long hair in a bun, your, have your locks straightened by blow-drying or long-term keratin straightening CADIVEU. You can have your hair shaded in various ways. Dyeing, ombre, sombre, balayage.

We offer you the opportunity to enjoy relaxing music and let your mind wanter while you enjoy our relax massage or remove unwanted cellulite with our anti-cellulite massage. You can also enjoy our aesthetic and medicinal pedicure so that your enjoyment is complete...

At our salon we offer beautiful transformation for your nails. From the CUCCIO gel-polish of various colors to the broad spectrum of our gells. With color refraction and combination, toss in some glitters and high-shine finish...

For your special days such as celebrations, proms, weddings or if you just want to radiate on that day, we offer professional makeup possibilities. Quite often we offer various promotions, trying to bring you the best treatments.

Come and see the quality, reliability and kindness of our team.

Your hair-styling salon "Andrea".

45a Dragice Koncar street, Vozdovac.