Hairdressers Belgrade

Address: 74 Zrenjaninski put st., Krnjava
Belgrade Phone: 069/66-34-56, 061/625-38-38

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Beauty Salons Katherine
Hair and Beauty Salon

Address: 43 Zrenjaninski road
Phone: 069/663 456, 061/625 38 38

Opening hours
- tuesday -wednesday: from 9am to 9pm
- sunday 10am to 6pm 
- mondays we are closed.

If you want to focus on yourself, enjoy yourself, relaxirate, beautify and leave happy and smiling, let the experienced hands of our staff. Quality is priceless, but our more than favorable.

Today's trend of living requires that every person, regardless of age need to have the character reflects your personality.

All types of hair services for healthy and groomed appearance of your hair treatments work and packing, painting ...
We do formal hairstyles and bun for all your special occasions.

The nails are so indispensable categories to become part of the lifestyle in the trendy women. Cultivated by hand today are not an ornament but a constant need of modern women. The hands symbolize gentleness, strength, commitment and timeliness.

Massage is the oldest and simplest form of treatment. Massage at the same time, synchronized motion soothes and stimulates mood. It frees people from headaches, daily stress, insomnia odklanja ...

Fall in love with the new X-TREME DESIRE desig immediately. Not just because of the warm and beautiful design, but also because of the fantastic and fast tanning. The combination of long 2m lamps is unique in producing VERTICAL SOLARIUMS, which give stunning results.