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The spirit of Paris in Belgrade

Beauty Salon Paris uses an improved comprehensive approach which includes atmosphere, the quality of the preparation and diverse knowledge integrated into a completely new experience. High-quality treatments that involve the use of the most famous brands in the field of care and beauty are just a small part of what awaits you.

All facial and body treatments utilize French manufecturer products such as Matis, Sothys and Wellness Renergique Professional Cosmetics, hair preparations Wella and L'Oréal Professionnel.

Environment in which you will discover the essence of top quality services are our approach to modern cosmetology.

Hairdressing services
We offer you relaxation, good mood and most importantly, healthy, beautiful and shiny hair. Our team of hairdressers will recommend you the best hairstyle that suits your face. At the Beauty Salon Paris you can enjoy the Wella and L'Oreal Professionnel products, blend of quality products and services will make your hair stylish and nurtured. In addition to standard hairdressing cutting, styling, coloring, locks, massages, our professional hairdressers will give you the in-depth treatment of hair and scalp, Brazilian keratin, and ombre hair extension.

Facial treatments
We pay special attention to the characteristics of the skin of each individual, we are working on selecting the most appropriate products, masks and facial treatments. What is common to all treatments exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, massage tailored to the needs and condition of the skin. The complete treatment includes treatment of the face, neck and décolleté.

Classic facial treatment
Classic facial hygiene is the usual and well-established treatment for skin cleansing and purifying the pores. Treatment involves mechanical exfoliation, massage and extraction of, deep ozonation, mask, disinfection and finishing cream.
It is recommended once a month with the combination and oily skin and once in a few months with normal and dry skin.

Sothys Hydradvance
Optimal hydration is essential to maintain the beauty of the skin. The goal of treatment is deep hydration. It is recommended that it is done in a series of 3 treatments and the results can be seen after the first treatment.

La'Paris treatment of Siberia Zen-hay
La'Paris the deluxe treatment for skin care face. At the heart of the formula treatment is aplant with miraculous active ingredients - Siberian ginseng or ROOT OF YOUTH. Energy Intensive treatment that makes the skin supple, fresh and radiant.
La'Paris treatment with the rejuvenation effect will give you the pleasure of a massage your feet for half an hour.

Microdermabrasion is a gentle and non-invasive cosmetic method of removing the surface layer of the skin, ie. Dead cells (stratum corneum). This is one of the basic procedures to improve skin texture. Microdermabrasion is applicable methods for all skin types, younger, older, or dark-skinned svelte, used to reduce enlarged pores, regulate fat skin, correction of wrinkles, correct superficial scars and hyperpigmentation codes.

Mesotherapy without needles is one of the most wanted and most popular cosmetic treatment of wrinkles and facial rejuvenation. Mesotherapy is a process that allows input of active substances (collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin ...) into the tissue at a depth of 1-6cm.

It is intended for all those who wish to nourish their face a non-invasive manner. The treatment is used for face lifting, anti-aging treatment, anti-aging, wrinkle, decrease hyperpigmentation, acne treatment, hydration, supplementation depending on which mesotherapeutic cocktail benefit.

Body Care
At our salon you can have a wide variety of different types of treatments for the body that will contribute to your physical appearance, but also preserve and improve your health. Services include piling, packaging, nourishing cream and massage.

La'Paris treatment
We offer the La'Paris body treatment, a top spa treatment, designed for those who want to feel on your skin the secrets of red wine. Introducing an authentic program planned for duration of 90min which contains special exfoliating body mask based on red wines, oils and creams for massage with wine extracts.

Anti-cellulite massage
It is recommended for people who have a problem with cellulite, connective tissue, poor circulation and prokrvljenošću. Massage is more intense in order to speed up the circulation and eliminate fat.

Nourishing Body package
Nutrients packaging for body reproach to improve skin tone, detoxification, deep hydration. Your skin becomes silky and soft to the touch.

Waxing is the usual method of removing unwanted hair from the body parts. When done regularly, waxing hair growth slows down, and eventually the hair from a particular part of the body completely disappear.

Sugar Hair Removal
Sugar paste offers many advantages, one of the most important is that this technique removes the hair in the direction of hair growth and in the early stages of growth, without any fracture hair. It also removes dead cells from the skin dry. The sugar paste is 100% natural, hypoallergenic and does not komedome. The hairs treated with sugar paste grow less frequent, lighter and softer, a return to thinning only after 4-6 weeks. Over time, the hair follicle and its root completely weaken, resulting in an almost complete cessation of growth. This method is special because it removes 90% of the hair from the root. Especially recommended for waxing sensitive areas such as the groin, armpits, face and hands, as well as people with sensitive skin.

Why use sugar paste?
- 100% natural
- Thinning hair and makes them brighter
- Gentle for all skin types
- No ingrowth of any inflammatory process
- Less painful wax
- 100% hygienic

Pedicure manicure
Manicure involves high standards of hygiene and medical procedures.
The service is complemented by advanced professional techniques for beautification, closing care for revitalization, rejuvenation and hand protection.

Our hands are daily exposed to various external influences such as cold, jobs at home and in the workplace, aggressive soaps and cleansers. Also perpetual lack of time, then the unmatched preparations for the care of hands and nails, we are often left dissatisfied.

With our treatment your hands will experience maximum pleasure and refreshment.

We offer the classical nail care and hand care spa, classic painting, strengthening natural nails, upgrade, spills, stiletto technique, gel nail, nail decorating, permanent French.

Adequate and regular foot care is essential both for the aesthetics and for the health of your feet. U Beauty Salon Paris you can get excellent treatment for your feet. We will do that after a hard day feel relaxed, and your feet will look flawless. In addition to the classic, we also provide medical pedicure if you have a foot problem, the problem with ingrowth nails and calluses.

Silk lashes
QLE - Quality Lash extensions or extension (extension) lashes are full imitation of natural lashes, made from high-quality silk. Extensions QLE take the form of natural lashes, and with them you can extend your natural or increase the density.
The biggest advantage is that QLE lashes nose so easy, and flexible and behave naturally.

Live your dream! No more dreaming about long eyelashes and seductive view. Whether you want diva eyes look seductive, mysterious, or a completely natural look, in every situation QLE will always give you the perfect look.
QLE or eyelash is a cosmetic treatment, which is performed by trained person - stylist for eyelashes.

Eyelash perm
If you want to with little effort and no makeup you have beautiful lashes, opt for eyelash perm. Minival is a modern method that allows twisting eyelashes regardless of their length. Twine can be long or short, thin or thick. Eyelash perm is so noticeable yet natural, because the perm fully lifted eyelashes, far more efficient than the curlers, and the view becomes more open. Feathering effect lasts for 1-2 months, and the treatment of about 1h. We also recommend hair coloring with the perm, the effect of light make-up at every opportunity.

Massage is important for our physical, emotional and spiritual health, a beneficial effect on people of all ages. Regardless of the type of massage its effect is several times. Massages are performed in combination with the appropriate ambience and aides such as volcanic stones, Bamus, semiprecious stones, warm herbal compresses and the like. The smooth music and candles are essential details environment massages, which are complemented with warm essential oils and relaxing scents.
relax massage

Relax massage is a gentle pleasant massage which provides relaxation of the body merging the flow of energy. The aim is to cultivate the body in order to raise general health. It serves for the prevention of stress and fatigue as I ralaksaciju muscle. May cover the whole body or partial (back, legs, feet, arms, abdomen, face ..)

Anti-cellulite massage
It is recommended for people who have a problem with cellulite, connective tissue, poor circulation and prokrvljenošću. Massage is more intense in order to speed up the circulation and eliminate fat.

Therapeutic massage
Therapeutic massage represents a combination of long circular motion compression hands and elbows, significantly reduce pain and successfully removes tension.

This massage stimulates the microcirculation and relax the back muscles and neck. It is successful at breaking up plaque lactic acid (nodules), eliminates stress and strong effect on the relaxation of the blockade body. It is perfect after a long and stressful day.
Massage with volcanic stones

Treatment for complete relaxation that can be achieved with gentle hand movements, aromatic oils and the beneficial effect of volcanic rocks.

Hot Stone massage provides deep muscle and tissue relaxation. It frees from the stress, and accelerates the removal of toxins from your body.

As well as the aesthetic and psychological treatment, massage with volcanic stones are considered and health - preventive treatment mushrooms broad spectrum of positive effects on the body: stimulates circulation, relieves insomnia and pain in the back
Massage with hot volcanic stones has a therapeutic effect on the whole body.
Massage with hot candle wax

Enhances the exchange of mineral substances, stimulates photosynthesis provitamin D in the skin and acts an anti improves the economics of breathing, stimulates the development of red blood cells, intensifies transport of oxygen in cells, has a positive effect on the vegetative nervous system, stimulates the immune system.

Therapy solarium successfully applied to some skin diseases (psoriasis)
Extraordinary cosmetic effect, which has a positive psychological and social impact on personality.

People with darker complexion look more successful, more dynamic, more attractive and healthier. When you look good you feel better about themselves. Uv brightness delivers a better appearance and has a beneficial effect on your skin. Your skin gets more oxygen; impurities and reduce hiding.


BEAUTY SALON PARIS Hairdressers Beograd
BEAUTY SALON PARIS Hairdressers Beograd
BEAUTY SALON PARIS Hairdressers Beograd
BEAUTY SALON PARIS Hairdressers Beograd
BEAUTY SALON PARIS Hairdressers Beograd
BEAUTY SALON PARIS Hairdressers Beograd
BEAUTY SALON PARIS Hairdressers Beograd
BEAUTY SALON PARIS Hairdressers Beograd
BEAUTY SALON PARIS Hairdressers Beograd

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